Neogen Code 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence Tox Tightening Pack Review

Sunday, 29 March 2015

You all know I've been suffering from skin issues lately right? Well the first step to getting clear is preventing acne and the second step is scar treatment. At first I thought a tightening pack would not be much use to me at the moment. But don't be fooled by the name of Neogen's tightening pack because it actually has 9 different functions including:

Dead cell elimination
Moisture supply
Pore care
Eye dark spot treatment
Blemish care

The essence contains lemon, green caviar, multi vitamins and 55 kinds of natural extracts. The pack comes with a 3 layer (100% pure cotton gauze + cushion sheet + patterned pad) advanced concept gauze pack-pad for better absorption. This advanced essence pack removes dead skin cells and delivers the active ingredients deep into the skin.

The green jar contains the essence and the white jar contains 25 gauze pads plus tweezers.

The texture of the gauze pad is actually quite rough, although it does soften once you add the essence.

As with most lemon skincare products, the essence smells a bit like detergent and is quite strong.

Step 1- Pour all of the essence into the tightening pack.
Step 2- Place the pack in the fridge for 9 hours before using.
Step 3- Once a day after cleansing, massage your face using the gauze side, then the wavy side.

Use up the product within 2 months.

The gauze side softens up quite a lot after being soaked in the essence. The pad is ice cold and completely saturated when I apply it to my face which is very welcome in the hot Summer, perhaps not so in the colder months! It does feel quite rough when I rub it in circular motions over my face, so I make sure to do it only for 1 minute, to prevent irritation to my already inflamed and healing skin. It is definitely a great exfoliator! 

The other side is very soft and feels calming after the harshness of the gauze. I only use this side for around 20 seconds. Because the pad is so wet, my face is slick with essence afterwards and dries very tacky. In fact my face feels so sticky every time I use this that I end up washing off excess essence before I put on my make up, otherwise I will look like an oil slick!

This is the small amount of 'dirt' the gauze picked up off my face.

Now for the photos of my troubled skin. I'm not afraid to show you guys how bad it is- in fact I have a skin post coming up where I will show you everything. I have plenty of clogged pores around my hairline, scars and scabs from healing pimples and large pores in the centre.

After using the pack, my face is red from the exfoliation. Here is my skin half an hour later after the essence has absorbed in.

I think the difference is only slightly noticeable. My skin definitely appears slightly more even in colour and my pores a tad smaller, but the clogged pores still remain after 4 uses of this product. I did not notice any changes in acne formation over the weeks either.

Overall, I think this one is just so-so for my current skin condition. I really like the interesting concept behind it and enjoy the immense cooling and exfoliating sensation it offers, however the benefits are minimal because I still have active acne. I need to focus on prevention and treatment of acne first, before anything else. I think this pack would be great for people who already have acne-free, even skin who are looking for a cooling and pore refining treatment. Another benefit is that this treatment is much less time consuming than a sheet mask, if you are a busy gal.

The Neogen Lemon Green Caviar pack retails for $36.58 on Koreadepart.

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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