New LUSH Solid Shampoo Bars 2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hey! Ya'll know how much I love LUSH solid shampoo bars by now. If you didn't, check out my previous reviews of Godiva and Ultimate Shine. I have tried 7/8 of the old shampoo bars (which is all of them except for Soak and Float which just smells horrible to me). So when LUSH released 5 new shampoo bars, I requested a sample of Copperhead. When I opened the box I was hit with a heavenly breeze of citrus and flowers coming from ALL 5 new shampoo bars inside! I am so grateful for the chance to try and review these items, so thank you LUSH!

These shampoo bars take some time to get used to, but once you start you can't go back. I haven't used a liquid shampoo in 2 years now! 

Directions are simple. Wet your hair, stroke the bar over your hair 6-8 times and work into a lather, then rinse! Make sure to keep your bar on a wire rack where it can dry in-between uses otherwise it will dissolve. 

These bars fit in the palm of your hand, smell divine and last an incredibly long time. Each bar is advertised to last 80 washes and after having used so many of them I think that is accurate. They are also great to travel with because they are so small! My boyfriend and I have sensitive scalps and we have never had a reaction to any of them. They clean my scalp really well and when used with LUSH's American Cream conditioner, my hair maintains a wonderful softness that I cannot achieve with silicone products. 

And priced at $13.95 each, they are a bargain!

Clockwise --> 

Sicilian lemon oil, olives and rosemary make this the godfather of shampoos for shiny hair. A really citrusy shampoo bar to leave the hair squeaky clean.

Perk up your hair with this mild shampoo, ideal for coloured locks. With coffee and melted henna (caca rouge) for shine. Although it won’t actually colour your hair, it is a great choice for colour treated dark hair, conditioning it and bringing out the tones. 

 On a quest for stronger, shinier, softer hair? Try this argan oil-packed, Rose Jam-scented bar. Ideal for those with lighter hair tones.

 Strengthen and condition hair with andiroba oil, a new ingredient we are using from the Brazilian rainforest, and lift your mood with sunny orange oil.

A honey shampoo made with our best-selling toffee sweet scent, for soft and shiny hair with a little lift. With 5% Fair Trade honey, hair is left really softened without being flattened and full of moisture. Comb, honey?

Have you tried LUSH's solid shampoo bars? Are you picking up any of these?

Please comment below if you want me to review a specific bar from this collection!

*I was gifted these products but my opinions are 100% honest.

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