Stylenanda 3CE Dangerous Matte Lip Color #807 Hypnotic Review

Sunday, 22 March 2015

I'm a gloss girl, through and through. I like my eyeshadow shimmery, my skin dewy and my lips glossy, so a matte lipstick was never on my wish list, despite their rising popularity in the beauty industry. Plus, I have dry lips so I always thought a matte product would accentuate their creases and flakes. This just goes to show- do not judge a book by it's cover because this Dangerous matte lipstick by Stylenanda is amazing on every level!

#807 is a hypnotising raspberry colour that is not quite red nor pink. It has a true matte finish leaving the lips powdery and non greasy for a chic look. Applied thinly on the lips, the pigment adheres tightly to the lips and one coat is enough to express a clear, long-lasting colour. - Stylenanda

Stylenanda's packaging is worlds apart from everything else on the market which leans towards either mature or cute. I love the funky photography and design of the lipstick packages!

The lipstick case is identical to the other 3CE lipsticks I own, except it is matte instead of shiny. It definitely has chunk appeal.

Tadah! The lipstick in it's full glory! 

#807 is exactly as described, a true raspberry colour that is brighter than most of the reds I own. For me, it's a very bold shade as I'm used to wearing nudes or dark, vampy shades on my lips. However I think this shade would compliment most complexions! 

The lipstick does tug at my lips when directly applied, so it's best to use short strokes otherwise you will risk breaking the bullet. I suggest using a lip liner to outline your lips first because it's difficult to create an even line using the bullet. What I love about this product is the adherence- it sticks to every part of my lips, even the inner more membranous parts (you know how other lip products don't stick to some 'wetter' areas making your lips look patchy?), giving a perfectly smooth and consistent coverage. 

The biggest surprise is that my lips feel perfectly hydrated the entire duration of wear. When I press my lips together, the texture feels slightly oily, velvety and moisturising! However the finish is definitely matte. What is this sorcery.

The long lasting claim is also correct! It lasted throughout a meal with only some fading (non patchy fading might I add) on the inner parts of my lips. Nothing that a single swipe of this lipstick can't fix!

As soon as I saw the raspberry colour, I knew I had to recreate a pin-up, rockabilly makeup look. Here is the lip colour paired with a cut-crease eye, powdery skin and heavily arched eyebrows. Everything is (awesome) matte! 

Overall, if you are thinking of purchasing a matte lipstick, this is the one to get. It delivers everything it claims and I am so happy that is is totally non-drying. Here I was thinking I would never wear a matte lip because of my crease-y, dry lips! Thank you Bntnews for sending me this amazing product to test!

The Dangerous matte lip colour comes in a whopping 17 shades and retails for $20USD on Stylenanda. The shades that I would love to pick up are #706 Sweet Impact, #806 Dusty Coral and #609 Jammer. 

I 100% wholeheartedly recommend this matte line to everyone.

Do you like matte lipsticks?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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