Too Cool for School Dinoplatz UFO Multibox Review & How-To for Girls with Darker Skin Tones

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hi Everybody! I'm sure everyone has heard of the quirky and adorable Korean brand Too Cool for School right? Well, thanks to Bntnews, it's my pleasure to try out the famed Dinoplatz UFO Multibox!

I find Too Cool for School's product design and packaging so wacky in the most endearing way. Dinosaurs and UFOs on cosmetics? It makes no sense, but the internet is abuzz with hype!

The multi box appeals to multi taskers looking for a product that delivers a complete look in one compact. It comes in two shades, #21 and #23 and I received #21 to test out. Complete with a BB foundation cushion, pore eraser, lip/cheek balm and concealer, does this product make it's mark (on earth)?

The packaging is actually a little confusing. I suppose no one knows what a UFO looks like, so we can use our imaginations.

How sweet is the writing on the compact! It's admittedly quite childish, yet cool and graphic. I personally would have no qualms about taking this out in public, but people who prefer more mature packaging might.

Despite the product containing 4 different products, it is remarkably light! Everything pops and slides open and closed with satisfying mechanical snaps and pops.

The sponge is really dense and does it's job well because the product does not soak into it, but remains on top. This also reduces wastage!

When I first looked at the cushion, it looked like it might be dark enough to match my skin tone! I was pretty excited about this because most Korean base products are way too light for me, however I was sad to find that this product swatches much lighter than it looks.

The bottom layer slides out to reveal the primer, concealer and lip/cheek product.

I find that I hardly use the primer, because it is tiresome to apply it using a finger from such a small pan. It feels very silky and silicone based, and the times I have used it on my under eye area, my eye makeup does stay for longer.

The concealer has amazing high coverage and is moist enough to blend easily into the skin with a finger. See how well it covers my dark circles? They are not visible AT ALL and my eye area looks so bright and awake!

The lip product settles into the fine lines of my lips making them look dry when they aren't. Although I must say it is a very pretty colour that will be flattering for most light to medium skin tones. Thankfully it performs much better on the cheeks, and is easy to blend using a couple of fingers.

Now comes my tip on how to use light base products for darker skin tones!

We have all heard of contouring your face to add dimension right? Well I take the same concept and apply it to my light BB creams when my skin is tanned from the Summer sun!

Oh, did I mention the cushion product contains SPF50++? Amazing!

First I apply a darker toned BB cream, concentrating on the sides of my face and neck. I love using the Etude House Bright fit BB cream in W24.

I then apply the cushion BB cream in the distribution above, patting and blending it in with the darker base.

As you can see, my skin is struggling at the moment with lots of clogged pores and combination skin. The cushion brightens up my face and the 2-tone application of BB cream helps to slim down the sides of my face and gives my cheeks some volume.

My skin is flaky here, especially on my forehead, and I find the cushion does not emphasize nor hide my dry patches. It covers up all my dark marks and scars very well which is very impressive compared to other cushion products I have tried!

The product stays well, although I would recommend to set with powder if you have oily skin. I did not set with powder and took these selfies in some window light. I am also wearing the coral colour on my lips and cheeks. The lighting or my skin issues have not been adjusted. 

My face is 1 shade lighter than my neck and chest, which is acceptable to me. From this distance, my imperfections are nicely blurred and my skin actually looks quite nice! Overall, I am very impressed with the formula and performance of the BB cushion and the concealer product. I think this palette could do without the cheek/lip product and the primer though, perhaps a concealer brush could be included instead?

If you have pale skin that matches most Korean BB creams, this is a fantastic item to pick up and the best cushion product I've tried so far. Not to mention it is selling for a very reasonable $26USD on Koreadepart. I expected it to cost around double that price considering the lightness and quality manufacturing of the packaging and products.

I have a question. Do you prefer traditional liquid base products or cushion products? I used to prefer traditional liquid BB creams, but this product has swayed me!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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