Too Cool for School Glossy Blaster Tint Favorite Kit Review

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sometimes you recieve a product that is just too cute and amazing for words. It completely renews my passion for being a beauty blogger because I get to share them with you guys! The product in question is Too Cool for School's Glossy Blaster Tint Favorite Kit!

After a few too many bad experiences with lip tints (dried out lips, cracking and patchiness galore), I wasn't too hopeful for this tint trio. However, every aspect of this product from the cute packaging to the outstanding performance changed my mind about tints. 

"A new-concept 3rd generation tint made of ‘Too Cool For School’s own golden ratio at 30% water and 70% oil. It maintains moisturized and bright lips all day thanks to its luster and durability that colors the lips more clearly when applied more and more"- Bntnews

Too Cool for School's products are aimed at the teen to mid-twenties market. The blue and red checkered packaging is so adorable and makes me want to go on a picnic.

The packaging is suberb in terms of design and quality. There is even a slip of material on top of the box which helps you pull out the inner compartment revealing the 3 tints.

I received #1 Chic Red, #2 Giddy Rosy and #5 Merry Tangerine. The tints are super small and chubby, just the size of my palm. 

The tints each have a sponge doe foot applicator. Just as described, they have a very reflective, glossy surface with superb pigmentation. The formula is thin and gel-like and applies extremely smoothly. They feel more akin to a lip gloss, except for one defining factor:

They leave a stain! 

I washed my hand immediately after I took a photo of the swatch and was really surprised and impressed that they left a stain after mere minutes of being in contact with my skin. The tints looked so glossy and 'wet' that I expected them to come off with a splash of water!

Now on to the swatches. #2 Giddy Rosy is my favourite of the lot. It's a bright pink with some creaminess mixed in and is very reminiscent of the makeup seen in Kpop videos! I feel super girly and 'cute' when wearing this shade and I prefer to wear it gradient style for an ulzzang look. 

#5 Merry Tangerine is a bright orange that leans a little more to the red side. I love orange shades with my tanned skin and find this one stands out more than other orange shades I have tried. This shade looks great in a gradient or applied all over the lips. I do find that it tends to look a little more patchy than the other two shades, but I love it still.

#1 Chic Red will look stunning on paler skin tones as it is a cool toned bright, pinkish red. I personally think it's a bit scary when I see girls wear red tints in gradient style (reminds me too much of blood!), so I prefer to wear it as a full point lip colour. The glossy finish really draws attention to your lips and makes them look so full and luscious! 

As you can see from the swatches, all of the shades make my lips look so even and plump, without accentuating any crease lines. The finish is super glossy and simply stunning. If you don't like lip glosses, these will not be for you as they are sticky. The kept my lips moisturised for hours and are a breeze to reapply as they are so similar to a gloss! They definitely do leave a stain on the lips and I find that there are still remnants of colour left after I have washed my face. Very impressive!

I have no complaints about these tints at all. In fact they are my favourite item from this month's Bntnews box! I have been carrying the pink shade in my make up bag and have been wearing it daily.  Finally, I have found a tint that moisturizes my dry lips AND leaves a stain! Woohoo!

Koreadepart is selling these tints for $8.14 USD and I think they are well worth it. 

Do you like lip tints? 

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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PS. I used my new camera (Sony RX100) to take the selfies and the swatches. I'm still getting used to it and playing around with the settings, so sorry if my photos look different! It actually photographs my skin tone much more accurately, as my old camera tended to lighten my skin a lot. Let me know what you think- do they look too yellow or washed out to you?

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