DIY Black to Ash Brown Hair without Bleach- Loreal Superior Preference and Nordic Blonde Toner!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ah I can never go too long without changing my hair. My most recently change is dying my super natural ombre black hair to ash brown! This is my first time trying a blonde dye on my black hair in the hopes of achieving a natural brown colour, but according to many Google searches, heaps of Asian girls do it.

I went to Priceline and bought the famous Loreal Superior Preference dye in 9.1 Viking (light ash blonde) and the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde toner.

Ignore the 'this shade is not advised' warning hehe. I applied the dye according to the instructions and left it on for 35 minutes. Ya'll don't need to see what's inside the box! And I'm far from a hair expert- I literally just slapped it on and hoped for the best.


After washing the dye out of my hair with warm water, I applied the Nordic Blonde toner to cancel out any red or yellow tones in my locks. I left it on for just 5 minutes as per the instructions.


My hair was a technicolor mix of orange, red and warm brown tones from using a temporary dye.


All red and orange tones are gone and my hair definitely has that green-ish ash tone to it! These photos were taken at night under florescent light which makes the colour appear a lot brighter than it actually is.

In daylight, my hair is a lovely dark brown to ash ombre because I had ombre hair before dying. The roots of my hair were mostly virgin and the dye definitely lifted the colour a few shades, but the undertone is not as ashy as the bottom of my hair. The previously lightened parts of my hair took the dye very well and I am so happy with the colour! 

See how the roots are warmer?

A further plus is that my hair did not feel damaged at all after dying. I attribute this to good hair care- thanks LUSH's American Cream conditioner! I only purchased one extra product to maintain my ash colour and that is a purple shampoo. I bought the cheapest one and it sucks, it makes my hair feel like plastic so I will probably end up buying another one. I tone my hair with the Nordic blonde every 2 weeks to keep it fresh!

Previously, I have paid up to $200 in salons for colour. Those days are gone, I am happier with my DIY job than I have ever been with a salon- the guilt that comes with paying that much money for someone to do my hair just kills my joy. Every time.

All the hair products in this post cost me under $35 and you can find them in Priceline

Do you like my new hair? Should I go lighter?!

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