Enca Acne Control Total Concealer Review

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hi everyone! Today's review is on the Enca AC Control concealer from Wishtrend! The Enca acne control products really caught my eye when I was browsing the website because I now have scarred and clogged skin, so using cosmetics that will not cause more skin problems is essential. The Enca makeup line also includes a BB cream which I did not choose because it is recommended for oily skin. Wishtrend touts this concealer as perfect for all skin types: acne prone, sensitive, oily, dry, normal or combination. I have combination skin with some scabs and dry patches that I do not want to emphasise, which is why I chose the concealer instead.

"Enca Acne Control Total Concealer for acne prone skin conceals acne pimples without causing irritation or clogging pores. Let your skin breath, reduce redness and make the skin look bright and clear. Naturally derived and hypoallergenic ingredients allow your skin to relax so acne pimples can breathe and be calmed. Reduce redness and swelling in the pimples as well as keeping the skin from peeling and flaking."- Wishtrend

When I received it, I was surprised at how small and compact the tube is! It only contains 3.5mL of product so will not last a long time if you have many areas to conceal. Do you like my cute miniature figurines?

The concealer contains some natural ingredients such as rosemary extract, perilla leaf extract, chamomile extract and jojoba oil. The finish is described as 'natural' and 'glowing'.

It has a sponge tip applicator and application is very quick and easy: I simply swipe the brush onto my troubled areas and pat it in! The concealer is yellow toned and far too light for me to use by itself. The texture is stiff and thick, but non-greasy. 

As you can see, the texture looks very dry and thick on my hand. On my face it is slightly more blendable, it takes a longer time to pat in compared to other concealers but the end result is a-ok! I would not describe this product as 'natural' and 'glowing' as per the description, 'matte and long lasting' seems more appropriate.

As I mentioned before, the concealer is far too light for me to wear on it's own, when I do it looks like I have white patches on my face. On the under eye and blemish swatches below, I am wearing one layer of Etude House Bright fit BB cream. Once my skin tone is evened out with a BB cream 1 shade lighter than my face, the lightness of the concealer is much less noticeable, and it blends much easier. 

The concealer provides medium coverage and my grey-blue under eye area brightens up completely with a few dabs of the concealer.

For some reason, I am getting so many clogged pores in this area between my nose and lips. If I extract them, they turn into dark scars which can be seen through the BB cream in the first photo. The concealer does not cover them fully, but does a pretty darn good job of brightening up the area, making them look less noticeable. I am not expecting any product to have enough coverage to make me look like I have flawless skin at the moment. The concealer is non greasy and is definitely more on the dry side as can be seen above.

This area is prone to caking because of the natural creases of my face when I smile and talk. When I set the concealer with a powder, the oil control is fantastic and there is no shine to be seen all day. The downside is that it starts to cake up a few hours into wear and settles into the creases. This is due to my combination skin at the moment. I only notice this on my chin and upper lip area though, my smoother areas such as my forehead and cheeks look great all day!

I am overall happy with this product as I feel good about applying a calming and non-clogging product to my face. The coverage is medium and non greasy and I would actually recommend this for all skin types except for dry skin- you guys will need something with more hydration to avoid caking. If you have oily, acne prone and fair skin I recommend this product to you!

You can get this concealer from Wishtrend for $19.99 USD, which is pricey for a concealer. But keep in mind that this is a specialised concealer for acne with decent coverage which is hard to find!

*I was sent this product for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

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