It's Skin Prestige BN Cream EX Review (Bird's Nest & Gold)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

This is my last review for Bntnews before I go off on my Japan holiday! To date I have received 10 boxes from Bntnews and am so thankful for their support. So it's with a heavy heart that I have to forgo next month's box! It's also a blessing though, because we get to welcome more bloggers to the Bntgirls family, please check out Berries in the Snow (her blog is amazing and Laven is such a sweetie!) as she will become the new addition to Bntgirls reviewing the latest and greatest products to come from Korea. 

The It's Skin Prestige Bird's nest cream certainly packs a punch with it's packaging. Everything about it shoots off 'fancy' vibes! I almost feel unworthy when I hold it in my hands. Purely based on the packaging, I expected this product to cost over $100, but was nicely surprised when I saw Koreadepart is selling it for $45.54, which is much better but still pricey.

The BN line also includes a toner, emulsion, serum and mask.

The top of the box has a beautiful, almost holographic peacock pattern printed on it.

The main action of this cream is whitening and hydrationSwift nest extract contains various skin-friendly ingredients yet boosts moisture and vitality of skin for a flawless texture. Pure gold (that's right!) gives a high-end treatment to the skin and takes care of its health while giving a natural glow. The cream absorbs easily, making your skin feel soft.

Swift nest extracts and pure gold are the key ingredients in this cream, both of which I am not familiar with in my skincare regime. 

Oh my, isn't it absolutely gorgeous?! It's weighty as well, and looks fit for a Queen's dresser. 

Nails done with my Konad stamper (my current obsession!).

Compared to the size of the packaging, the product container is much smaller because the lid takes up a lot of space. 

The cream is ivory white with visible specks of gold floating in it. It smells very fresh and 'powdery' to me and the scent strength is mild to moderate. The cream looks thick in the jar, but when I spread it out, the texture is fairly different to what I expected!

It has a gel-like texture, very cooling and reminiscent of Nature Republic's Super Aqua Max combination skin cream (review here)! It thins out and spreads very easily, leaving a veil of reflective moisture on my skin- almost as if I have rubbed in an oil. The gold flakes do not dissolve as easily, so I end up having to hunt them down on my face and rub each flake with a finger before they break down. You don't want gold flakes remaining on your face (or do you?)! The cream is definitely rich enough for my combination skin. In terms of brightening, it hasn't done much because I have a ton of acne scars at the moment which need special care and very specific products/ingredients. I can say that it hasn't broken me out and makes a great, hydrating night cream

However I do think that this product is too expensive for the likes of poor students like me. I think you can find other products that do the same thing for a much cheaper price. The gold flakes are quite cool and novel though!

Have you tried any bird's nest or gold skincare products?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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