LUSH 2015 Easter Treats!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ah Easter, that time of the year where everyone exchanges chocolates and I smile and accept politely,  despite knowing I can't eat them *cries* (I'm lactose intolerant). Fortunately LUSH (thank you so much!) sent me out some of their Easter goodies which are MUCH more my kinda thang! It's refreshing to see that none of the products are chocolate 'flavoured', which would be the obvious way to go. Instead, the items are bright and rainbow themed, giving the collection a mischievous and playful feel! 

Clockwise: Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb, Pot O'Gold shower jelly, Bunch of Carrots bubble bar, Golden Egg bath ballistic, Somewhere over the Rainbow soap.

"Drop in the bath for a fresh, herbal experience that will leave you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Hidden inside this enchanting white rabbit is a pink center for soft pink bath water, and popping candy coated in green lustre for a poppity good time. Sit back and listen to the bunny hop and pop around your bath tub, whilst enjoying the beautiful fresh fragrance". 

This one sounds like so much fun! I love that it's unexpectedly herbal scented and cannot wait to play around amongst the popping bubbles.

"It’s what everyone hopes to find at the end of a rainbow! At the end of every rainbow lies sweet, decadently-scented jelly. A jelly packed full of golden ingredients; pineapple juice, orange peel decoction, glimmer and lustre to add some shine to your showering. A rich and sweet vanilla, myrrh and sweet orange oil scent fragrances this luxurious jelly: some of you may recognise it from Creme Anglaise body lotion."
When I took a peek inside, I was transfixed by the metallic sheen of the liquid gold treasure. It looks so rich and smells absolutely amazing! I have never tried a shower jelly before and am quite confused by it's texture- it looks like it would just slip off your skin? I will try this tonight!

"Back from last year, this time as a bunch of three smaller carrots, so each one can be used when it’s at its freshest.  Place one (or the whole bunch) under running water to create lots of bubbles, then pop aside for another time.  Fragranced with the buchu, lemon and bergamot, there’s also a little bit of nutritious carrot oil in each one, which is rich in vitamins and an extraordinary skin soother and rejuvenator."

I remember these from last year- aren't they adorable?! I've had a go at using them already, you can either swish them through your bath water or hold them under the running water. I tried swishing them and sadly, two of the carrots came detached from the stems! They smell great though and are made of quite a hard material that does not dissolve easily. Strangely enough, they turn the water green, not orange! I imagine these lasting at least 5-7 baths, which explains the price. 

"A special Easter treat inspired by chocolate cream eggs - we reverse it and coated the hard bath bomb centre with a creamy bath melt shell. The outer bath melt mix is made using our beautiful fair trade, organic, Colombian Peace Village cocoa butter and olive oil from a brand new permaculture project we’re working with in Palestine. Scented with the best selling Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance, it’s coated with environmentally friendly golden lustre."

I bought the Golden Egg last year because I couldn't resist the gold shimmer and the buttery , honey (Honey I Washed the Kids soap was one of my first ever LUSH products!) scent. It was so luxurious to use and I enjoyed it immensely! You will step out of the bath with baby soft skin covered in gold sparkles, what's not to love about that?!

"Wash with a chunk of the rainbow to melt your troubles like lemon drops. As well as the beautiful colours, you’ll see the snowflake lustre sparkling throughout the soap, making this look as wonderful as it smells. Fragranced with a new scent, called ‘rainbow’ it’s an uplifting blend of mandarin, neroli and rose to help leave you happy and energised."

I'm a little hesitant to use this one because I seem to be sensitive to rose products. It smells like pure joy though and would be a fantastic one to use in the mornings for an energising wake-me-up call! 

A big thank you to LUSH Australia for sending me out this surprise box of Easter treats! I think the collection is so cute and playful- perfect for kids and adults alike and a great replacement gift for unhealthy chocolates! 

Have you hopped into a LUSH store to pick up any Easter goodies?

*These items were gifted, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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