Beige Fascinant Clear Brush Eyeliner Review

Sunday, 24 May 2015

I am constantly on the hunt for the inkiest, most pigmented and cheapest eyeliner on the market. Isn't everyone? So some weeks ago I picked out this Beige eyeliner from Wishtrend, which retails for $8.50 USD which is around half the price of my favoured Japanese eyeliners. Check out the beautiful (and very convincing) promo pictures on Wishtrend! 

The eyeliner comes in 2 shades, black and deep brown. I am a black eyeliner girl, but this time I stirred things up a little by going for the deep brown shade. #YOLO

"Eyeliner creates easy and precise eye line with the soft brush applicator. Liquid eye liner delivers precise and soft eye line that lasts all day long."- Wishtrend

The packaging is your typical plastic black pen type liner. The first thing I noticed when I uncapped it was the strange felt tip applicator- it has quite a large base and tapers off to a point, and looks just like a felt tip marker.

The tip feels exactly how it looks- hard! I find it very scratchy and uncomfortable to apply on my eyes. The pigmentation is not great, so I end up trying to redraw the line multiple times in the attempt to achieve a darker line and thus end up scratching my eyelids over and over again. I wouldn't exactly call it painful, but it is the most uncomfortable eyeliner application I have ever experienced. 

The ink in my pen felt old and dry so I thought maybe I got a bad product. However, looking at reviews now, I see that most people had this problem, so I can be fairly sure I didn't get a dodgy pen. 

The left section shows the liner over BB cream and the right shows it over bare skin. On the right side you can see that the liner settles into the fine lines of my hand, however it does not do this over the side with the BB cream. The colour also turns into a nicer, richer brown over a base. 

Despite all the negatives, the result on my eyes is not bad. The eyeliner is precise and tapered enough to draw a sharp wing and the ink looks fairly even. However the uncomfortable application and the multiple layers needed to create a strong line are a definite deal breaker for me. I will stick with my beautiful inky Japanese liners!

In short, I don't recommend this eyeliner at all. You can get it here on Wishtrend.

*I was gifted this product for review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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