My First Cosplay- Jaycee from Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hi ya'll! Admittedly my focus has wavered a bit and I'm spending less time blogging and doing Uni work. All because I'm (still) obsessed with cosplay! I posted my Jaycee progress pics back here, and I'm so proud to announce that I am finally finished. It took me months and multiple trips to Spotlight, not to mention being over $200 poorer (I know, I know!), but I am so proud of myself. It may seem silly to some, but I think it's a great way to keep the mind and hands busy.

Jaycee is so strong and awesome! Unfortunately I just feel very exposed in my costume haha.

Big kudos to Yanto and Pika helping me out with my costume! Here Yanto is re-pounding in the tiny metal eyelets in my boots with a sledge hammer. LOL.

Yanto wants to take up blacksmithing when we graduate. He already has blacksmiths' hands!

The boots were the hardest part by far followed by the mask. The mask is made of 2 parts- a balaclava and the front piece. It's all made of the same lycra I used in the leotard, but is reinforced with some stiff mesh on the the inside. Without the support of the mesh, the front of the mask was completely flat (an Asian gal's worst nightmare). 

These photos were taken in the car port with a sheet as the backdrop lol. I can't wait to get a proper photoshoot in this costume! Although I'm fairly scared to do large movements for fear of the top slipping off my (non-existent) chest. 

At this point, I'm still unsure whether I will wear this to Supanova Perth. For one it's extremely uncomfortable as you can imagine! Another reason is that I feel so exposed! Granted I have seen girls cosplay in MUCH less (Yoko from Gurren Lagann anyone?), but I still feel uncomfortable. I shall keep doing jumping squats to keep my butt and thighs toned so I won't be too much of an eyesore ;).

*Just realised I haven't finished all of it yet. I'm waiting on a silver pendant to come in the mail! 

Do you play Tekken? Are you excited for Tekken 7?!

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