Physician's Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Bronzer Review

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Here's one of the reviews you've all been waiting for! Does the Physician's Formula Argan Wear bronzer perform as beautifully as it looks? You can check out my overview of the pretty Argan Wear line here.

"Treat skin to an indulgent tan glow with Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer. Ultra-lightweight and creamy in texture, this exotic bronzer pampers skin with luminous, light reflecting pigments that deliver a youthful-looking, glowing complexion. Glow renewing formula smoothes the appearance of fine lines, brightens dull, tired skin and renews a look of suppleness, while 100% Pure Argan Oil delivers instant and lasting hydration for a fresh sun-kissed finish."- PF.

It is also non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, paraben free and dermatologist approved. SO important to me during this difficult time for my skin.

The packaging is bulky as with most PF compacts, with a simple clear lid and beautiful gold trim which compliments the stunning patterned product inside. As you can see I've used quite a bit of it and the pattern is wearing down- in fact I've used it every day for around 3 weeks now! Note: it comes with a gold overspray on the embellished parts which wears off after the first use.

L: Light Bronzer
R: Bronzer

The bronzer flips up to reveal a bottom compartment with a mirror and a brush inside. I don't like these compartments because they make he packaging super bulky, plus I doubt anyone uses the brush?! Also, it's awkward to use the mirror because you have to keep flipping the bronzer up and down to get more product and use the mirror to apply it. 

The brush itself is not suitable for bronzer application. It is too sparse and the bristles too long, making them very flexible. This specific bronzer needs a dense, shorter haired brush for best application. 

As soon as you flip open the lid, the exotic scent of argan oil perfumes the air! The scent is strong, however it is earthy and 'natural' so thus, does not bother me. I actually indulge in the smell every time I use it, but it does not linger on my face.

The texture of the bronzers is smooth and silky, and you can definitely feel the enriching oils in the formula as you swipe your finger through it. For this reason, it does not kick up any powder when you swirl your brush through it. I love that this product has a low to medium pigmentation- this is my absolute favourite cheek texture to work with because you can easily blend and buff them into your skin without fear of blotchiness or over application! It is also very hydrating and will not show up any dry patches at all. 

I would not consider Light Bronzer a bronzer at all, except for perhaps the palest of skin. It is almost a champagne gold colour with a beautiful cool shimmer! You could potentially use it as a highlight colour, but I wouldn't recommend getting it purely for that purpose.

Bronzer is a warm brown that definitely leans more towards the orange side in the spectrum of bronzers. It too has a beautiful golden shimmer overlaying the surface which is beautiful in the sunlight. This bronzer is not suited for contouring, but rather gives that Goddess-like sun-kissed glow to your skin. As the brief describes- that 'just-back-from-Morocco glow!' It looks very light in the swatch, but shows up much better on my face. This is one of those bronzers that could possibly be used lightly all over the face.

I usually apply Bronzer below my cheek bones and on my jawline to give the illusion of a slimmer face. I use an angled contour brush, swirl it in the product 7 times and buff it into my skin in a straight line 7-10 times. Yes I count, it helps me get each side even. I love that you don't have to worry about being neat and precise as the finish of the product is more glow than colour if you understand what I mean?

Above shows Bronzer freshly applied, which gives me a healthy warm glow, note not an orange one! It is somewhat subtle, but really warms up my yellow toned complexion. Without bronzer, my face looks much rounder and doughy.

I must say that if you have paler skin with pink undertones, the yellow-orange tone of the bronzer may not be as flattering.

This photo was taken 6 hours after wearing Bronzer (on a different day) and you can see the oil on my skin showing through. Despite this, the bronzer holds up extremely well and does not turn patchy on me, I can't say what will happen on super oily skin though and I have read reviews where girls complain that it doesn't last on them. 

Overall, this is my go-to bronzer as the weather gets colder. I adore the silky, nourishing texture and warmth it brings to my complexion as I get paler! 

The Bottom Line:
Warm yellow brown tone.
Great for a sun-kissed glow.
Silky smooth, hydrating texture.
More suited to normal-dry skin.
Smells amazing.
Low - medium pigmentation.
Not for contouring.

My only gripes with this product is the limited range of shades (Light Bronzer is not really a bronzer) and that the packaging is bulky. 

You can get this product from Priceline for $29.95 AU, a splurge for a bronzer. If you are elsewhere in the world and can get it for cheaper then... You know what to do ;).

*I was gifted these products, all opinions are 100% honest.

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