Toasty Winter Burgundy Makeup Tutorial (ALL Korean Products) with Skinlosophy!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

1 week ago I received a very special package from a young Aussie company called Skinlosophy. Skinlosophy specialises in bringing Korean and Japanese skincare and cosmetics to the Australian market and offer super competitive prices, a big range of bestselling items and express shipping!

By simply signing up as a member you can get 10% off your first purchase! Keep up to date on deals by showing their Facebook page some love.

The lovely Gailda asked me if I was up for creating a make up look using some hand picked products, and of course I said yes! I'm always up for a challenge! I was blown away when I received the package (which came incredibly fast may I add).

From L to R: 

I adore 3CE and Etude House, and had actually been eyeing those 3CE triple shadows for awhile! Gailda picked out some very Autumn appropriate colours with deep burgundy and red-brown tones which I normally do not use. Unfortunately the sweet pink EH Cupcake lip and cheek product had no place on my face as it simply didn't suit the the look I created.

3 Concept Eyes Gel Eyeliner in Glitter Red Bean
Find it here for $15

I have reviewed this eyeliner before here in a different colour and it is an exceptional product that is easy to apply and sets quickly with long lasting results. The colour is more of a warm brown than red glitter.

The first step to this look is to create the perfect angled brow. I decided to experiment using the gel eyeliner on my brows one day and my goodness, the result was PERFECT! Using short strokes with the brush provided, fill in the general shape of your brows. Redip the brush and layer some darker short strokes on top if you have extremely sparse brows like me.

I have been using this eyeliner to draw my brows ever since! Love that this product can be used on the brows AND eyes.

3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow in No No No
Find it here for $26

Isn't it beautiful?! Look at those rich, warm colours, especially that burgundy! Reddish eyeshadows can be difficult to wear because they can make your eyes look puffy, but the trick is to bring it up just over the crease so it just peeks out when your eyes are open, but sings boldly when they are closed. Korean shadows generally have medium pigmentation, and this one is no different. This feature actually makes it much easier to blend than a highly pigmented, soft buttery eyeshadow. Here's how I placed the shadows:

1: Blended in the crease
2: Carefully patted over the lid and blended out to make a smooth gradient
3: Highlights the inner eye and brow bone

Finish with the brown 3CE liner on the top (slightly winged) and bottom lash line.

Etude House Lash Perm All Shockara Mascara
Find it here for $18

This mascara was so promising, however did not perform well on my lashes because it uncurled them. I find this odd seeing as the name is 'Lash Perm', however it worked well to separate and define my lower eyelashes. 

After the mascara dries, recurl your lashes to give them some lift and finish with a pair of criss cross fake lashes to further define the eyes- an important step if you are using red eyeshadow. Use 2 coats on the bottom lashes.

Etude House Play 101 Pencil in #6 and #23
Find them here for $10 each

I own 2 Play 101 pencils and was glad to add these to my collection. #6 is a light, shimmery champagne colour that can be used on the eyes and skin. I used it on my waterline to open up my eyes and to highlight my nose bridge and cheekbones as shown below. If you use this pencil on your face a good tip is it use a flat foundation brush and 'wipe' it on the pencil and then apply to your face. Applying the pencil directly to my face proved much hard to blend. 

I wanted to show you what this eye look looks like with both a neutral lip and a bold lip. 

First I matched it with a warm, peachy orange to continue the toasty winter theme. The day I took these photos was freezing cold and stormy hence the snuggly scarf!

Now for the red lip!

Etude House Play 101 Pencil in #23
Find it here for $10

This is my first time using a lip Play Pencil and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. I thought the thin pencil application would be tedious, but it was surprisingly fast. I loved that it was precise enough to outline my lips like a lip liner and that it had a glossy finish! #23 is a bright, cool toned red, which I would never pick to compliment this moody look, but you never know until you try right?

And there you have it! I'm happy with how my look turned out! I actually can't decide whether I like the neutral lip or the red lip better. 

What do you think? And are you a fan of red eye makeup?

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*I was gifted these products, all opinions are 100% honest.

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