Tokyo DisneySea!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Here's a bit of a happier miscellaneous post after my last one about the sorry state of my skin. Let's go back in time a few weeks to the day I spent in Tokyo DisneySea! It was a toss up between Disney Land and Sea and we ended up going with Sea because it is supposed to be 'darker' and much more adult. This was definitely true and we saw hardly any children around on the day. 

A very handy tip to those travelling to the theme park is to look on the crowd calendar which estimates how populated the park will be on that specific day. We chose a relatively uncrowded day which resulted in us being able to go on a whopping 6 rides and 1 show! Also, I can't emphasise this enough, USE THE FAST PASSES! This ingenious system allows you one fast pass for one ride per hour and was a complete Godsend. The longest we waited for a ride was 20 minutes!

Here is my list of favourite rides, in order:
1. Tower of Terror
2. Journey to Centre of the Earth
3. Indiana Jones
4. Sinbad's storybook voyage
5. Storm Rider
6. Raging Spirits

I generally like rides that combine thrill with a story, hence I really enjoyed the indoor roller coasters with monsters and a good ol' fashioned drop when you least expect! Normal outdoor roller coasters to me are pretty boring now.

Mermaid Lagoon is so pretty! Unfortunately there weren't any attractions that caught our interest though.

All my travel mates coincidentally wearing navy blue.

The sucky thing about being a blogger is that you are always in charge of the photos, so you don't end up in any of them -__-. This is the epic Indiana Jones building.

Here's a gem- a photo of the screen showing our amusing reactions to the Indiana Jones drop! Not choreographed at all. Steph and Mickey are just having the time of their lives, I'm ducking because I'm scared I'm going to be squashed by the giant boulder and Yanto is screaming whilst holding onto his glasses for dear life HAHAHA. We really should have bought the darn photo but we were too cheap.

The scenery is drop dead gorgeous! The amount of detail and effort they put into designing this park is incredible.

 Pano of the port, concluding my favourite day of the whole trip. I loved every minute of it! Tickets into the park are pricey and the food is terrible which is to be expected, but it's a must-do if you go to Tokyo! 

Steph and Yanto were so pooped at the end of the day that they were trying to sleep standing up on the train back to our abysmal apartment in Shibuya.

Have you been to any of the Disney attractions around the world? Did you love it?! What was your favourite ride?

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