$1 Daiso Charcoal Mask Review

Monday, 8 June 2015

I picked up 3 bottles of the famous Daiso charcoal mask in Japan, and for 100 yen (around $1) each I really should have bought more! If you are going to Japan, please stock up on these as 1 bottle will only last around 5-6 masks.

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This is a black peel-off mask that pulls all the gunk out of your pores 'with the power of charcoal'. This in turn has the effect of minimizing pore size and making skin baby smooth. Trust me, there will not be a single dead skin cell or hair left on your face after using this!

"Formulated with natural ingredients from Oak trees, it removes oils and all dirt and deeply clean(s) the pore(s), leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores."

The instructions state to use the pack on your nose, however I have blackheads mostly on the sides of my chin and jawline as well as my forehead so I put the mask all over my face. From what I see on Google, plenty of people do this too. 

It is best to apply the mask very thickly otherwise it will not have much 'strength' when it comes to pulling out all the nasty bits. 

This is what the mask looks like when it is thickly applied. You can see that it sticks together leaving small bare patches on my forehead. I try to fill them in, but they simply reform so don't bother!

Apply the mask after washing your face with cleanser and warm water to get rid of any oils and to open up your pores. The mask is very thick, and I recommend rubbing it into the skin in small patches using circular motions to really 'push' the substance into your pores. It does not dry quickly, so you have time to go over thinner areas.

Tip: make sure the edges of the mask are applied thickly, otherwise it will be hard to peel the mask off when it's dry.

15 mins later the mask is dry and will turn matte. You will feel a strong tightening sensation as it dries. During the drying time don't eat, drink or talk otherwise it will lose adherence with your skin or crack. Time to peel off!

I peel the mask off my forehead first, starting from the sides and then pull downwards until the nose area has come off. Then I start from the sides of the jaw to the center of my face. I'm not going to lie, it is definitely painful, however not as painful as Biore pore strips which make tears flow out of my eyes. The first usage will be the most painful because it will pull out every single available impurity on your face including baby hairs and peach fuzz! So just a warning to those with a low pain tolerance or sensitive skin!

I tried really hard to pull the mask off in one go for the viewing pleasure of you lovely readers. Pulling it off in one piece is an art form in itself!

Your skin WILL be dry after you use this mask, so I usually wash off any remaining patches with warm water and then slather organic honey all over my face to moisturize and heal my raw skin.

This was the 3rd time I used the mask so the results are not as gross as I would have liked. However, here on the nose area you can see tiny white surface clogs as well as small hairs stuck to the mask.

This is part of the forehead area and the little solid balls of gunk are much larger (and more satisfying). 

Unfortunately the mask doesn't do anything for the deeply embedded pores on my chin which can only be extracted by sheer force. Nonetheless, my skin is left really smooth after using this mask and I just feel better knowing that at least some of the clogs are gone and thus will not progress into pimples!

For $1 a piece this product is a complete bargain and will do best on girls with oily, clogged skin. If you have dry, sensitive skin you may find this mask a bit harsh. And if you have cystic acne I wouldn't recommend this mask as it may flare up your condition.

I try to use this mask at least once a week, and I'm undecided as to whether it is helping my current skin condition. It is definitely not worsening it, so I will continue the blackhead slaughter campaign!

Have you tried this mask? Thoughts?

*I bought this product with my own money. All opinions are 100% honest.

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