Born Pretty Purple Face Brush Set Review

Sunday, 28 June 2015

I am really excited to review this brush set from Born Pretty because they are my new favourite tools in my collection. I have never done a brush review on this blog before because previously, I only used a total of 4 brushes for my face- a flat top kabuki for my BB cream, a large fluffy powder brush, an angled contour brush for contouring and a smaller fluffy brush for blush application. I always talked myself out of purchasing new brushes because the ones I had did the job, plus brushes can be very expensive.

That is certainly not the case here as this whole set only costs $22.02 USD! I am fairly sure my one powder brush from MAC cost over $80 and that brush is scratchy (I'm serious!) compared to these babies.

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The set contains:
1 Powder Brush
1 Round Brush
1 Flat/Stippling Brush
1 Tapered Brush
1 Angled Brush
The brushes are made of artificial fibres which are super duper soft and silky. Make sure to always give new brushes a wash with warm soapy water before using them. 

The handles are weighted in the black part and they feel lovely to hold and control. Plus the purple is such a pretty, vibrant shade! I noticed that one of the brushes was made unevenly and was not able to stand up on its base straight, but was tilted on an angle. This doesn't bother me as I store my brushes in a jar so they point all different directions anyway, but is something to keep in mind in case you are OCD and want to store these standing up!

Round Brush
This round brush has an oval dome shape and has very tightly packed, dense fibres. Personally, I love using this brush to contour my cheekbones and jawline- the tapered shape really allows me to chisel out my features perfectly! I recently used it in my male anime tutorial!

Powder Brush
This brush has a rounded dome shape and is again very densely packed. Despite this it is really soft and best used for a heavy handed application of powder, such as mineral makeup as it will give you full coverage. I find that I used this brush the least out of all of them because I wear a liquid base which requires only a light dusting of powder on top.

Stippling brush
This stippling brush is my new favourite for any liquid base! I have been using the famous Sigma F80 flat top brush for years and years and this has now replaced it. The white bristles are again, SO SOFT and waft across my skin like a unicorn's tail. Seriously, the sensation is amazing. Compared to this, my Sigma brush feels pokey and hard. It allows for high coverage, but I find I can gently buff the product into my skin without any flaking whereas the more abrasive texture of the Sigma brush makes any dry skin lift off my face and become a dreaded flake.

Love this brush!

Flat top brush
This brush is very similar to my Sigma F80, but softer with longer bristles. On days where my skin is not so flaky I tend to use this brush more. I use it as I would my F80- by patting the product into my skin for a high coverage look.

Angled flat top brush
I admit that I actually had to Google this type of brush to find out what its purpose is because I could not see how the angulation made it perform differently to a flat top brush. According to my research, it supposedly reaches into the difficult corners (around the nose) of the face better than a flat top would. I don't really notice too much of a difference in application, except that the bristles were a little more flexible due to the longer bristles. I still appreciate that I have another foundation brush on rotation when the others are dirty!

Overall, apart from the slight manufacturing error, I am so happy that I tried out this inexpensive and quality brush set. I have washed each brush twice so far and there has been absolute minimal shedding. The expensive MAC brush I mentioned before sheds like my Pika Pomeranian in Summer and sometimes I end up with up to 3 black bristles stuck on my face after I apply power! Unacceptable! The synthetic material of these brushes delivers a smooth, flawless application for the most part. I noticed that if my skin is oily before I put on my base, the stippling brush can leave brush marks. Hence my reason for using the denser brushes on those days, problem solved!

Get this brush set from Born Pretty here! I don't think you'll regret them, unless you already have a well rounded collection of high quality brushes. I get daily use out of the stippling brush and the round brush!

*These brushes were gifted for review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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