Fairy 1 Day Princess Brown Lens Review and Discount Code!

Friday, 5 June 2015

First off, I'm going to say that I am now officially a huge fan of daily circle lenses. I used to be so enticed with the value of yearly circle lenses, but the plain truth is, they are NEVER as comfortable as clear lenses. These Fairy 1 Day Princess lenses from Pinkicon are easily the most comfortable circle lenses I have ever tried and have the same opacity and enlarging effect as yearly circle lenses. Don't get me wrong, yearlies still have their place in my eyes for short events like photoshoots, but for every day wear, these are the best for me.

Of course, the negative is that they are much more expensive than buying one lens a year. 1 box contains 10 lenses and costs $18.67 USD, so overall the cost is $37.34 for two boxes with different prescriptions to last 10 days. 

The Princess line comes in brown, pink, violet and green. 

Diameter: 14.20mm
Water Content: 38.00%
B.C: 8.70mm
Package: A box of 10
Duration: Daily
Origin: Taiwan
Color: Brown
Naturalness: ★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★

Hurrah for blister packs! No more cutting myself on the hard metal of normal circle lenses and no more soaking-in-solution time! 

Usually I have to reinsert circle lenses 2-3 times before they 'settle' and start to feel comfortable, but so far I have used up 3 pairs of these lenses and I have not had to reinsert them once! Another plus point is that these lenses sit perfectly in the middle of my eyes (my astigmatism usually makes my right lens slide downwards). 

Close up, the lenses look very Japanese somehow! They certainly do not look 'natural' this close, but from further away the design looks much more at home on my face. I love the cooler toned brown that makes up majority of the lens and the thin limbal ring with the stripes reaching in towards the pupil. I feel like these lenses really draw attention to my eyes, whilst remaining natural.

I think it's time to tone my hair ash again to match these lenses haha. As I mentioned before, these babies wear like a dream and I totally forget that I'm wearing circle lenses! I have gone 8 hours without a problem. One day I only wore the lenses for around 3 hours so I decided to keep them overnight in solution to wear the next day. Wearing them on the second day did prove to be more uncomfortable and my eyes felt drier. So learn from me and don't try to preserve them after one use! As heartbreaking as it is, please do throw the lenses away after 1 wear.

If you have sensitive eyes that cannot tolerate yearly circle lenses, you might want to give these a try. Overall, the comfort level is a winning attribute and I rate these lenses 10/10 in my books for comfort, enlargement factor and 'naturalness'. I think they really suit me!

You can get the Fairy 1 Day lenses here.

Last but not least, Pinkicon has offered my readers $5 USD off any yearly circle lenses! Simply copy and paste this code at checkout:


*These lenses were gifted for review. All opinions are 100% honest.

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