Male Anime Makeup Tutorial (Jin Samurai Champloo Cosplay)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

This tutorial is something very new for me. But seeing as Perth Supanova is coming up, I decided to transform myself into a male anime character for the first time for my Jin cosplay! I sewed the yukata myself and it is a short female version of Jin's samurai uniform. I am getting a photoshoot in it this week, so stay tuned!

Jin is my absolute favourite character from Samurai Champloo because he's so stoic, honourable and er... hot. His English voice is to die for! If you haven't seen Samurai Champloo, please watch it, it's stunning. From the hip hop music to the Edo setting, not to mention the fight scenes, I just... There are no words to describe how good it is!

If anything, just watch this short compilation of Jin clips.

My intention was to create a female Jin, as if Jin had a twin sister. I may have just turned out looking like a boy though, so I am really quite confused haha. Jin, like most good-looking male anime characters has a sharp, angular face with a thin nose and perhaps his most defining feature is his angry, thin eyebrows. Because brooding ok. 

Hence, this tutorial can be adapted to most male anime characters with a tweak of the eye shape and eyebrows.

1. Start by inserting the appropriate colour circle lens for bigger, anime eyes. These are one of my favourite lenses and you can find my review here.

2. Conceal your eyebrows using the glue stick method. This MUCH easier said than done and I removed my abysmal attempts 3 times before I managed this. Follow this tutorial precisely.

3. Use a matte high coverage liquid foundation all over your face including your lips and set with powder. You want your skin to look flat and perfect. Take some scary snapchats.

4. Draw on your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil and set with a matching eyeshadow powder for a more natural effect. Jin's eyebrows are extremely angular and arched sharply at the ends. 

5. Contour under the eyebrows, in the inner eye sockets and down your nose using a matte brown shade. Blend the lines out with a finger, then apply a white highlight powder down the bridge of your nose.

6. Using a liquid eyeliner (do not use pencil, it will smudge!) draw on your eye shape when your eyes are open. Jin has trapezoid shaped eyes which are very defined on top. Please do this more neatly than I did.

You are aiming to subtly change your eye shape.

7. Line underneath the eye according to your character's eyes. I just placed a straight dash in the centre of my lower lash line. Use the same contour shadow on the outer lash line and inner 'eye bag' area to give the illusion of depth. 

Curl eyelashes slightly (you don't want them visible above the liner) and apply waterproof mascara.

8. Jin's lips are completely blanked out, so leave the lipstick and simply place a dash of contouring powder below your lower lip.

9. Using a small, dense brush and the same contouring powder, really chisel out the area underneath the cheek bones and draw a line directly on your jawline. This will make your face much more angular, although I can't recreate Jin's triangular chin! Practice your serious face.

10. Put on your wig, costume and in my case, glasses! 
Now frown for the camera!

Now for the ultimate question... Do I look like a boy or girl? Leave your answers down below!

I hope this tutorial helped out some of you. I had a lot of fun making it!

Happy cosplaying!

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