Coreana Rodin SHO EGFactor Timeless Program Review

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Rodin SHO EGFactor Timeless Program is hands down one of the most beautiful and luxurious products I have ever seen. It is an anti-wrinkle program containing an eye cream and daily ampoule enriched with Jeju Island's horse oil and EGF (certified ‘Natura’ by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety). 

Ampoule: prevents the skin from dryness while preserving oil-moisture balance.
Eye-cream: Treats and brightens the eye area through a soft, easily absorbed texture that suits even sensitive eyes.

I have reviewed some horse oil products before (Geurisson 9 complex cream here, Rodin SHO cream here) and found them amazing for dry skin due to the thick, creamy texture and impressive hydration capabilities. The other player in this product is Epidermal Growth Factor which stimulates skin healing and collagen growth for younger looking skin. 

There are two eye cream syringes and 28 ampoules inside a large luxurious case that looks fit for a Queen.

I am not a big eye cream person (I rarely use it!), but I do love the packaging and features of this one. The syringe applicator is new to me and it is easy to control the amount of product I use and very hygienic. There is a lock system on the base so you do not have to worry about any accidental wastage. 

Look at the gorgeous golden appliqué patten! I simply place the tip of the syringe on my under eye area and 'inject' the cream onto my face directly, then pat in as usual. It feels like I am giving myself a Botox procedure which is kinda fun! The cream looks heavy at first, but it glides over the skin silkily and actually ends up feeling light. It absorbs into my eye area quickly and does not feel heavy at all. It has a light, sweet smell similar to most of the horse oil creams I have tried. The pea sized amount you see below is enough for both eyes, so two syringes worth of product will likely last you for months!

I have some issues with the ampoule, even though they are so tiny and precious! It is very difficult to open them and I have needed my boyfriend's help every single time, despite having very strong hands and fingers from being a chiropractic student! They are sealed with a suction mechanism, so it takes a lot of force to push the 'plug' out of the bottle. It would make life so much easier if they were a simple twist top.
The bottle itself is tiny, but the ampoule goes a long way. 1 bottle contains enough to cover my entire face and both of my shins! The texture is thick and oily and remains sticky on my face for hours, so it is best used at night. I love using oils on my face and I cleanse and moisturise daily with organic hemp seed oil so this kind of texture is right up my alley! It is certainly very hydrating for my dry, flaky skin. I do not wash my face in the mornings because I do not want to dry it out and create more oil and pimples, so the ampoule ends up on my face for 24 hours. Unfortunately I noticed that every time I used this product I developed a small whitehead on my face the next day without fail, meaning the product is simply too much for my acne-prone skin to handle right now. 

Apart from the packaging of the ampoule, I think this set definitely suits mature and dry skin that is not acne prone. Before I started breaking out, I think my dry skin would have loved this set and I will be saving it for when my skin is fully healed of acne. Oh and the eye cream is bomb!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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