Daeng Gi Meo Ri Oriental Special (Korean) Shampoo Review

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I am absolutely loving the variety of products Bntnews has sent me this month. So far I have tried out a mask sheet series, a 3CE blush, a slimming foam and now I am reviewing a Korean Shampoo! I have tried many Korean products, but never a shampoo so I was excited to see whether it would be a better match for my dry Asian hair than my usual LUSH solid shampoos.

After some research, I found out that Daeng Gi Meo Ri is famous for it's herbal ingredients and hair loss prevention.

This shampoo contains over 35% of ripe and enriched medicinal ingredients as well as a patented substance extracted from lily. It also contains caulerpa racemosa extracts, anti oxidative chlorella marine phyto-complex for scalp protection and deeply moisturises with fermented Pseudoalteromonas. Wilfordii root, false daisy and hazelnut extracts gives energy, and vitality to tired and dry scalps. It contains keratine and camelia to treat damaged scalp from within and reinforce its elasticity. If you have a dry scalp, it’s recommended to use on morning and night for a short period of time.

Instructions: Wash hair twice and don’t use another hair product during treatment.

My hair is dry, colour treated and both coarse and frizzy at the same time (lucky me), so this product is perfect for me!

I received a full size and a travel size in a value pack. The bottles are black and gold and so SHINY! There is a very strong oriental theme in the packaging and as an Asian, I find this attractive because it says 'this product is made especially for you!' 

The 'key' on the neck of the larger bottle acts as an anti-pump device. Simply pull it off to unlock.

 The shampoo is a beautiful caramel colour and really does smell like oriental herbs. It is a sweet smell and I quite enjoy it as it is not 'perfumey' at all. I have used this shampoo exclusively for 3 weeks now, every second day, however I have deviated from the recommended instructions in the following ways: I only use it once every shower and I have been using my usual conditioner after shampooing.

I use 3 pumps of shampoo (half a palm) for my collarbone length hair and it lathers very richly, forming a thick sudsy concoction that is a real joy to work into my scalp. As with most shampoos I massage it into my head, ignoring the lengths. To me a shampoo's job is to clean my scalp and conditioner is supposed to treat the rest. The very first time rinsing this shampoo out of my hair, I could feel that my scalp was clean and my hair felt very waterlogged and porous, like it had lots of volume (despite being soaking wet, if that makes any sense). Immediately I knew that a) I did not need a second wash and b) I would need conditioner on my ends. So I followed up with my usual LUSH American Cream conditioner

Out of curiosity I used it as a shampoo AND conditioner by massaging it through my lengths and leaving it for 3 minutes, however my hair did feel dry (as I expected) afterwards, so I would not recommend using it this way.

After doing this routine for 3 weeks I can say that my hair feels soft, but not much different to its previous condition. At least it did not go backwards or give me an itchy scalp. The shampoo tends to keep the oils at bay for a little longer than my previous shampoo and I went 3 days without washing my hair without any feeling of itchiness which is great! Overall, this is a good shampoo which cleanses my sensitive scalp well however I would not say it makes a difference in my hair length quality. I would love to try a conditioner from this brand in conjunction to the shampoo, because I think your hair will be dry if you use this as your sole hair care product.

You can purchase the same set seen here on Ebay for $31USD + shipping.

Please let me know your favourite haircare product down below!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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