Skinfood Royal Honey Mask for Dry Skin Review

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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"An exfoliating mask with royal black honey and royal jelly extracts that sloughs away dead skin cells and transforms rough skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion. Royal Black Honey is natural raw black honey from South Asian forests, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites."

I chose the Skinfood Royal Honey mask to review because I am a big fan of honey in skincare products and peeling products.  I often use raw honey as a face mask and it's great, but it is quite thick and sticky and gets in my hair! This mask goes a step above honey and uses royal black honey and royal jelly extract in its formula. Both royal jelly and honey are well known to be moisturising and healing and products containing these ingredients are usually suited to dry skin. 

The packaging is plastic, but quite sturdy and just look at that creamy yellow colour! Looks delicious.

I really appreciate the pump top after spending months scooping raw honey out of a tub with my fingers! There is a little clip to lock the pump in case you want to travel with the product, and also keeps it safe in postage. 

Apply a quarter-sized amount evenly to the face and massage gently.
Leave on for 10 minutes until the texture turns watery. Massage in gentle circular motions until clumps of cellulose granules and impurities appear. 
Wipe off and cleanse with a foaming cleanser.

The product loses the pastel yellow colour when it's spread over the skin and becomes completely clear and shiny. The texture is of medium thickness and is watery enough to spread over the skin super easily, but without any dripping whatsoever. It remains wet on the face but is more watery than sticky. It smells light and sweet, like a fresh, slightly perfumed honey.

What's strange about this product is that I simply cannot get any granules or lumps to appear when I massage it into my face or hand! Maybe I apply it too thinly? Maybe I don't have any dead skin cells? Regardless, it feels nice to give my face a quick lifting massage every time I use this product which is around 3 times a week. It feels incredibly gentle and I think you could use it every day as a quick morning mask or cleanser. After rinsing the mask off with water, my skin definitely feels soft and hydrated, just as it does after a raw honey mask. I have dry, acne prone (for hormonal reasons) skin and this mask is a great fit for my skin at the moment. I know my acne is caused by my hormones so I am not expecting any topical product to change my skin condition drastically.

Ultimately, this mask is super gentle and softening, good for dry skin types. The packaging is cute too! Thumbs up on this one, although it doesn't smash the ball out of the park.

You can purchase the Skinfood Royal Honey mask for $15.26USD here.

Are you guys fans of honey products?

*This product was gifted for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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