Too Cool for School Skinny Body Soda Review

Thursday, 2 July 2015

I have an interesting review for you today on the Too Cool for School Skinny Body Soda, courtesy of Bntnews. I love trying out new products, however some genres don't excite me much and unfortunately the 'slimming' category is one of them.

Carbonated water meets gel for a new bubble experience! The soda dispenses in the form of an airy bubbly foam and contains patented ingredients that helps construct a slimmer body line. It provides a cooling sensation which instantly reduces cellulite and swelling whilst soothing and improving firmness. The patented tightening ingredient is called 'slimlite', which is known for its elastic properties. These claims are apparently backed up by clinical trials.

Usually I love Too Cool for School's packaging, but I'm not a fan of this one. It's not quirky or cute, but is just plain.. sexy. This photo is taken with the edge of the box in the middle, so the body is split in half when you look at the sides straight on- a bit of an optical illusion!

Even the barcode is sexy! 

The can inside has the same print as box. Instructions are to shake the can more than 10 times before dispensing onto your palm and rubbing into your skin.

This product taught me that not all foams are created equally! The pressure is very high inside the can and once the foam is dispensed it snaps, crackles and pops very violently and sounds similar to throwing water into a hot, oily pan. I was expecting a silky hair mousse texture! When I rub it into my skin, the foam feels very stiff, as if it is resisting my force and pushing my hand away from my body. It does manage to absorb into my skin after around 30 seconds of rubbing though. Also, it smells really good, much like a refreshing lemonade and certainly does provide a lovely cooling sensation. 

However, considering I do not have an inch of cellulite on my body and have a rather willowy figure, this product did nothing for me. I took before and after photos of my stomach and thighs, but there was no visible difference, hence why they are not posted here. I still maintain my skepticism of all slimming products. Even if the product did work, it is essentially a 'quick fix' and the effects would not last unless used daily. There is nothing that can replace a healthy diet and exercise in terms of 'slimming', however on the topic of cellulite reduction I honestly cannot provide a statement. 

Therefore, please check out the other Bntgirls for their experience with this product!

Purchase the Skinny Body Soda here.

Have you ever had any successful experiences with slimming or cellulite reduction products?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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