1 Oil for Skin and Hair- Physician's Formula Argan Wear Oil Review

Monday, 3 August 2015

I am a huge fan of using oils in my hair and skincare routines! I have been using oil to cleanse my face in the mornings and double cleanse at night time and it has made a significant difference in my skin condition, especially as my skin is terribly fussy (read about my skin woes here). But that's for another post.

Some months ago I received a beautiful package from Physician's Formula, including their new and popular Argan Wear line (product overview here). I have been using this Argan oil consistently since and have tried it on both my skin and hair. 

"100% Pure Argan Oil, known as "liquid gold" for this its rich conditioning benefits, can improve skin's brightness, tone, texture and elasticity. Weightless multi-tasking miracle combines the benefits of a moisturizer, primer, brightener, protector & treatment in one! Use on face, body, hair, & nails. This magical ingredient from Morocco transforms skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines, brightening dull skin and renewing suppleness, helping to enhance skin's youthful looking glow without ever leaving a greasy feel or finish."- PF website

I have used half the bottle, an accomplishment for a beauty blogger! The oil comes in a 30mL glass bottle which is around the height of my palm. I took these photos outside and was so entranced with how pretty the bottle looked in the sunlight. Isn't it gorgeous? 

The twist top and eyedropper application is so convenient, hygienic and precise. I remember using the original Moroccan oil years ago where you had to pour out the thick oil onto your palm and it would get all over the bottle, blegh it was just so messy! This is much better and I like to count the number of drops to squirt out. 3 drops to moisturise my face and 5 drops for my hair after washing. Less if I apply it on dry hair.

The oil is a pale yellow and very thin and runny in consistency, making it really easy to spread on the skin and hair. I prefer thin oils to heavy ones as they tend to absorb into my skin faster. 

I used this oil as a facial cleanser (after removing makeup) and moisturiser. I simply massage the oil onto my dry face, sometimes you can feel the gross plugs coming out of your skin! Then I rinse off with lukewarm water, leaving some oil on my face. If my skin feels dry after a few minutes, I pat in another 2-4 drops of oil. 

I was using jojoba oil as a cleanser prior to this Argan oil and I found the jojoba drying and clogging for my skin which is weird because it is supposed to be non-clogging and more suited to dry skin! My skin was happier with the Argan oil and I found it absorbed much better and was not as drying, plus it made my skin silky soft. Then I found out about acne prone skin and linoleic acid (read this amazing post to find out more) and it turns out both jojoba and argan oil are balanced in linoleic/oleic acid ratio, when those with acne prone skin should be using oils high in linoleic acid! 

Overall I used the Argan oil on my face for 2 weeks, morning and night and although it was better than the jojoba oil, it wasn't the best suited to my acne prone skin, so I ended up switching to hemp seed oil. However, I still love using Argan oil as a hair treatment on days when I am due to wash my hair. The lightness is great because it doesn't make my hair look 'wet' and oily like other oil treatments. I can actually get away with pulling it up into a top knot and venture into public! 

See! It doesn't look oily despite being dirty plus having a generous amount of Argan oil in it. I also run a few drops of it through my damp hair after washing it and it helps to reduce frizz and keeps my ends happy. My hair is naturally dry and quite fussy, but it loves this Argan oil! 

Overall the PF Argan oil works best for me as a hair product. If you have non acne prone skin, I would give this a go on your face! As for the body, I feel like the oil is too precious to be used all over hehe. 

Please tell me your experiences with oils in your skincare and haircare routines!

*This product was gifted and I chose to review it of my own accord. All opinions are 100% honest.

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