Catalina geo Violet Color Capsule Make Up Base Review

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Just when I was complaining about never finding a good primer for dry skin, this Catalina Geo primer arrived in my Bntnews beauty box! Perfect proof that 'thoughts become things'. I had not heard of the brand Catalina Geo before, so here's some information! The brand name is Italian which is slightly misleading, as it is a Korean brand. Their products are made from premium non-allergenic ingredients and have outstanding results with problem skin types. Catalina Geo products contain Titanium Dioxide, a natural sunscreen which deflects UV light rays and protects your skin. Importantly, products are not tested on animals.

This makeup base is made of visible color capsules that contain a moisturizing and makeup-preserving essence. It fixes skin’s tone, protects from UV rays and improves skin’s natural colour. It does not contain any oil and is safe to use on sensitive skin.

The packaging is very lightweight and the pastel purple capsules just look so pretty and interesting! I love examining the product up close and seeing all the little balls suspended in the gel. 

The primer comes in 3 types:
Violet for brightening and reducing sallowness in yellow/olive skin
Green for reducing redness
Blue for freckles, age spots or hyper pigmentation 

When you pump it out of the bottle, the balls disintegrate into a 'feathery' texture, still suspended in the clear gel. The suspension material and the capsules do not really dissolve into each other and seem to stay separate until I massage it into my skin. The texture is much more like a serum than any other primer I have encountered and it does not have that silicone-y, pore filling texture which suits my dry skin much better! I find that it does not really absorb, and leaves my skin feeling tacky.

My skin is quite red from fading acne scars, especially on my cheeks. 

The primer brightens and reduces my redness significantly and you can see that it is quite hydrating by the light reflecting off my cheekbone. 

I am using my Lavera natural foundation here, and it looks a little cakey. Believe it or not, this is actually a better result for me as my current skin tends to look cakey with any foundation no matter how well I moisturise my skin beforehand. So thumbs up for hydration properties. 

On the other hand, I have used this primer directly after massaging a copious amount of hemp seed oil on my face and found that during the day, my makeup simply slid off my face every time it came into contact with an object or my fingers. Thus, you must be very careful with how much moisturiser you use in conjunction with this product. It works much better for me if I don't use any moisturiser at all because this product is so hydrating. 

Overall, this feels more like a brightening skincare product than a primer because it does hydrate and brighten my dry skin, but does not really help my base makeup last all day. I would only really recommend this for people with very dry skin. I will continue to use and experiment with this one.

Surprisingly, Catalina Geo products are available in Australia! See here to find the closest store to you. Or you can purchase it online here for $44.95 which is quite pricey. Hmm.

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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After a few weeks of continuous use, I have started to really like this product! I don't wash my face in the mornings, so I simply just use this primer copiously to hydrate, brighten and moisturise my face before makeup. My skin is continuing to normalise quickly with all the supplements I am taking, so I am not even seeing any caking. In fact today one of the clinicians at Uni actually complimented me on my skin and asked what I used on it! My skin has been so bad in the past few months, so this compliment made me SO HAPPY! And guess what, I was wearing this primer and my Lavera foundation today :). I'm a happy girl!

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