Sunday, 30 August 2015

Introducing the new Candy Box direct from Japan! 

I don't eat candy or sweets often, but I don't believe in restricting your diet either. A treat every now and then is necessary! Every time I go to Japan I find myself purchasing all sorts of Japanese sweets out of sheer curiosity, after all I can't get these goods at home. So when Japan Candy Box asked me whether I would like to review and give away a box I agreed because I would like to give one of you a chance to sample some Japanese sweets without a trip to Japan! 

If you don't win, not to worry, you can simply subscribe for $19.90 a month! Take a look at the subscription offers here.

Simply fill in one or more of the Rafflecoptor entries below to win a Candy box delivered straight to your doorstep!

Meiji Petit Bubble Gum
These little pellets are super flavoursome when you start chewing them. I can't place my finger on the exact flavour, but its not mint which is what I was expecting from the packaging. I'm not a bubble blower because I think it's a bit gross haha. I think these would be nicer if they left you with clean, fresh breath.


Meiji Watapachi Popping Candy Floss
Woah! Inside the packet is a lump of what looks like compressed pink fairy floss. It is very sweet and sour when you put it in your mouth and the popping sensation is quite strong. I really like sour candies and the popping feels awesome!


Pokemon Pineapple Chewy Candy
I was expecting these to come in chewy squares like Hi-Chews, but they come in long strips like gum.  Speaking of Hi-Chews, the texture is very similar, chewy and sticky and you're done in a minute. I love pineapple fruit, and like most pineapple candies, this one is more sweet than sour unfortunately. I still enjoyed it though!


Sakuma LINE Drops
These line drops are like barley sugar sweets! There are 3 thumb size lollies in here. These are also pineapple flavoured. I really enjoy hard candies that you can spent ages sucking on whilst doing something else, i.e. typing up this blog post.


Chameleon Candy
These are pretty much like Japanese gobstoppers! They are really hard, definitely not chewable unless you want to crack a tooth, and change colour as each layer is dissolved. I quite liked these because one lasts for ages!


Collon Green Tea Biscuit Rolls
I tried these in my Kawaii Box and loved them! The outside is flaky and crispy and the inside is a melty, creamy green tea filling. One of my favourites of the box and I wish there were more treats like these included in the box.


Horadekita Popsicle DIY Candy Kit
This one is very interesting and I haven't seen anything like this before. Inside is a tray with popsicle sticks, 4 coloured cubes, a sachet of clear syrup and a sachet of sherbet. You are supposed to dip the cube into the syrup then the sherbet to create your miniature popsicle!

The cube is chewy and very sweet and the sherbet adds that bit of zing that balances it out. It is quite sweet, but leaves a surprisingly refreshing, minty taste in my mouth!


Strawberry Pocky
Everyone knows the world famous Pocky! I'm glad some classic Japanese items were included. Unfortunately I'm much more of a matcha flavour fan than strawberry, but I know heaps of people love strawberry Pocky.


Bourbon Petit Chocolate Chip Cookies
These miniature chocolate chip cookies are really crunchy and chocolatey. They are also very dry and crumbly so many were broken when I opened the packet. I find I can only have two at a time because they are so rich, which is a good thing because it stops me from eating too many at once. Overall these are rather ordinary choc chip cookies.


Maruta Soda Fruit Candy
These little sherbet candies come in a plastic bottle and look hard but they are soft and dissolve really quickly in your mouth. They have a distinct fruity grape flavour, but are not really that unique or special.


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