[Korean shampoo] DAENG GI MEORI Ja Dam Hwa The First Shampoo Review

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What a mouthful! Daeng Gi Meori is the brand, whilst Ja Dam Hwa is the name of the actual product. I received this shampoo treatment product from Bntnews, and was quite excited to try it after having a so-so experience with last month's Korean oriental shampoo treatment which was a good shampoo but definitely not a treatment as it was drying on my ends.

This shampoo is a multi-function product that washes the scalp and boosts hair’s vitality. The oriental oedicine-inspired (white ginseng, ginger) formula provides your 'tired' scalp and hair with energy, strength, and beauty. The foam helps eliminate any wastes on your scalp and leaves behind a subtle wild flower fragrance. It also contains silk extracts from golden cocoons which protects the hair while reinforcing firmness and glow. 

The floral patterns on the bright red tube look so elegant and definitely give off that old-school oriental vibe. I think it looks absolutely beautiful.

The product is gel-like bright red and I can really smell strong floral notes with the herbal scent. I prefer the scent of the oriental special shampoo to this one as I find floral scents quite headache-inducing. I used this product for 2 weeks every second day. I massaged it into my scalp before applying some product down the ends of my hair and just let everything sit for 2-3minutes before washing it out. That way the shampooing and conditioning is done at the same time!

My hair was much softer afterwards than with the Oriental special shampoo and I could run a brush through it without any trouble. It wasn't shiny, but then again my hair never really is. At first, I was fairly impressed with this product!

However, one and a half weeks into using it, I started itching around my hairline and forehead. At first I didn't relate it to the shampoo because it was just my hairline, but as soon as I thought of the shampoo my whole scalp started itching to the point where I was waking up in the middle of the night to claw at my scalp! The mind is a powerful thing. As soon as I switched my shampoo back to LUSH solid shampoos my scalp calmed down a lot, but is still marginally itchy after a few washes. Hopefully it goes back to normal soon.

I was sensitive to this shampoo and didn't really like the smell so I would not recommend it. Despite this, it did work as a shampoo and treatment more so than the oriental special and the ends of my hair were happy. 

Fell free to check out the other Bntgirl's reviews though, I don't think any of them were sensitive to this product!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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