NEW Crop Natural Make Up Line First Impressions (Available from Coles)

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Last week I received a very special package in the mail from my friends at Crop! If you remember, I covered the Crop Natural Skincare collection last year and out of that collection I ended up using the gel cleanser and daily moisturiser to completion which is a big  achievement for a beauty blogger. My boyfriend loved the moisturiser so much that he repurchased it!

Crop's cosmetic range was designed with sensitive skin in mind. Each item contains 80-100% of naturally derived ingredients enriched with healthy minerals, vitamin A, E and sweet almond oil and shea butter to nurture the skin. Every product has been dermatologically tested and approved. 

And without further ado, here is the first look at Crop's brand new natural makeup line which will be available at Coles very soon! For those of you in America, Coles is similar to Walgreens!

Let me tell you, these products do not look like they belong in Coles. The matte black packaging and  typography design look so chic and expensive, however the range is very affordable. 

The range came complete with beautifully designed information cards for each product. As a former graphic design student, I was drooling over these!

Over the past 2 weeks I have used every single product enough to reveal my first impressions. 

Natural Lipstick in Plum, $18

The colour of this lipstick is amazing with my skin tone! It's a brownish-red and absolutely perfect for making my lips look bigger and poutier. The finish is matte but the lipstick is hydrating. It's not particularly long-lasting though. Overall this is one of my favourite products from the line!

Natural Tinted Lip Balm, $16

I don't like that this balm comes in pencil form because I don't have a sharpener this size, and I'm not sure I would be bothered to use it even if I had one. The balm is very sheer (almost clear) in colour and is moisturising.

Natural Face Primer, $27

This is one of the only primers that works for my dry skin! It does not accentuate any flakes and does not have that awful silicone texture that feels like it's clogging my pores. It applies like a moisturiser, but leaves my skin looking matte and foundation adheres to my skin much better afterwards. It works so well with the Crop foundation. I love this one!

Natural Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige, $27

Comes in 3 shades: Ivory, Natural Beige and Golden Beige. Golden beige is perfect for my skin tone! It has a thick, creamy texture and buffs out well with a dense flat top brush. It gives medium coverage that I only need to top up with a few dots of concealer. The finish is matte and flawless-looking. When used in combination with the primer and a setting powder, my skin stays matte for a good 8 hours! Very impressed with this foundation, plus it has that natural essential oil smell to it, similar to Lavera cosmetics.

Natural Concealer Pencil in Light, $16

Also comes in Medium. Again, not a fan of the pencil packaging. This one works best, as I discovered today, by applying it before the natural foundation and then using a flat top brush to blend everything at the same time. Coverage wise, it's light-medium due to the pencil applicator which sheers it out.

Natural Mineral Loose Powder, $25

Comes in: Translucent, Light, Light/Medium and Medium. I don't have much experience with loose powders as I prefer pressed, but these finely milled and light on the skin. The pigmented powder provides light coverage at best. These are fine for setting make up but I don't think they are anything special. Recently I have run out of dry shampoo so I have been lightly applying the translucent powder to my roots, which works quite well!

Natural Mineral Pressed Bronzer, $24

This bronzer leans towards more of a cool brown tone and does not look orange on my skin at all. Pigmentation is light to medium and buildable, which is how I like my bronzers to be. The finish is matte and really natural and I like that I can use the darkest quadrant on its own with a small round brush as a nose contour. 

Natural Pressed Blush, $24

These burnt peachy colours will suit any skin tone! The finish and pigmentation is the same as the bronzer, and the colour paired with the bronzer is perfect for giving my cheeks more contour and dimension. 

Natural Pressed Highlighter, $24

This one also has the same qualities as the other pressed cheek products but unfortunately it just doesn't work as a highlighter. It's quite chalky and the finish is matte, so any precise highlighting does not show up on my skin tone. If anything, I think it's more suited to an all over finishing powder. 

Natural Mineral Pressed Powder, $24

Comes in: Porcelain, Beige and Cool Beige. This powder provides light coverage, but I found I looked a bit cakey immediately after applying it, due to my dry skin. I need to test this one out more before I come to a conclusion about it.

Natural Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil, both $16

I like both of these products. The brown eyeliner is really creamy, applies without tugging and has full pigmentation. It's a great lower lash colour and lasts for around 5 hours before I need to rub away some smudges. The eyebrow pencil is quite hard and is really easy to use, providing light definition to my brows although it is too light to match my hair at the moment. 

Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Quad in Nude, $24

Also comes in Smokey. All of the colours are matte and of medium pigmentation except for the highlight colour which is chalky and doesn't show up on me well at all. My favourite shade is the bottom left, which is a beautiful warm crease transition shade. There is no fallout and the colours are nice for a neutral every day look. 

Natural Volumising Mascara, $18

This mascara isn't waterproof so I simply can't use it on my upper lashes. I have tried it on my bottom lashes, however the brush is huge, so it's quite hard to be precise. The results were thus, underwhelming but the mascara did not smudge onto my under eye area during the day.

100% Synthetic Mineral Kabuki Brush, $20

This is the first folding brush I have owned and I definitely see the appeal in it! I would definitely travel with this brush- it's super soft and silky on my face, applies powder evenly and when folded out it is thin enough to contour my cheeks with bronzer. The stubby handle also makes it look really cute!

And that wraps up my first impressions of the Crop make up line, available from Coles soon! So far my favourite products are the primer, foundation, lipstick, kabuki brush and bronzer. 

If you live in Australia let me know which state you are from and whether you are interested in any of these products! Also if you have any review requests, let me know.

*These products were gifted. I chose to post about them and all opinions are 100% honest.

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