The Face Shop Lip Tint stick in 02 Sweet Cherry Review

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hello everyone! I have finished one of my clinic exit exams which means some pressure is off and I have a little more time to blog (hopefully). Today's review is on The Face Shop lip tint stick, kindly gifted by Q-depot, a new K beauty online store! My dear blogger friend Laven's (Berries in the Snow) pointed out that they have a section where you can shop cruelty free cosmetics. This feature is great because it can be very hard to find information on animal testing for Korean products. 

Plus you can get $5 free simply by signing up to Q-depot (which is free)!

The tint costs $11.39USD and comes in 3 colours. I received 02 Sweet Cherry which is a vivid pink, very typical of a Korean tint colour. It is described as having a 'melty', moisturising, non sticky texture which reacts with the heat from your skin. 

The packaging is so sweet with the pink candy stripe design! I love that the pattern is continued on the actual lip tint which is thinner and longer than most lipsticks. It's not the most mature design, but I have never really cared about that.

When swatched on my hand the tint looks very thin and translucent. It has a moisturising, almost wax-like texture, which is not a bad thing because my lips need all the moisture I can get! On my lips the colour is much more vibrant as the formula clings to my lips in a thicker layer or because my lips are warmer than my hand (I always have freezing hands)! In terms of tint, the hydrating texture tends to come off easier than other tints, but it does leave some colour behind. I much prefer this to a drying product though as touching up is easy with a quick swipe.

As I said before, the pink colour is typical of most Korean lip tints, which tend to come in very bright colours. This one isn't too bright, but it is a very cool toned pink which will go best with fairer skin tones. I generally don't feel very comfortable in bright pinks and reds as orange/peach suits me much better. I feel that I can only just pull off this colour with my Winter skin, as I get darker I think this is a no go.

I really like the fun packaging, glossy finish and hydration this tint provides because my lips are so naturally dry and lined. However the colour is too cool toned for my skin tone and I think 03 Lovely Peach would have been a better colour match for me. Overall it's a lovely hydrating lip tint that is best suited to those with dry lips and a fair skin tone. If the colour suited me, this is easily a product I would reach for every day! 

Find The Face Shop lip tint stick here on Q-Depot. With the $5 off coupon it is only $6.39!

*This product was gifted for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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