Belmore Von Natural Fit Grey Silicone Hydrogel Circle Lens Review

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Thank you once again to Klenspop for providing me with some more lenses to review for you guys! Thanks to them I have discovered silicone hydrogel lenses, the most comfortable circle lenses I have ever worn which are a complete Godsend for my sensitive eyes. These lenses allow 5 times more oxygen to reach the eyes than regular circle lenses, some of which I can only wear for 3-4 hours before my eyes start to complain.

Here are the benefits of silicone hydrogel lenses:

The pair I am reviewing today is a grey pair by Belmore, available from Klenspop for $30.

Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic diameter: 13.5mm
BC: 8.7
Life: 6months
Water content: 45%
Origin: Korea

The lens pattern is much more opaque than the previous lenses I have reviewed in the past and the lens itself felt thicker.

Up close the lens is an opaque grey with a prominent black limbal ring around the outside. The pattern reminds me of something a Japanese gyaru girl would wear as it is very bold with the 'spiky' sunflower pattern surrounding the iris. From further away, the lenses look more black than grey and would be much better matched with darker, smokey eye makeup. 

Unfortunately, these are not as comfy as their thinner counterparts and I was able to wear them for 7 hours before my eyes started to get a little dry. Around this point the lens got more 'sticky' and when I looked in certain directions, the pattern obscured my eye sight a little. In no way were they ever painful though, just dry. Overall, they are still more comfortable than regular circle lenses and it is good to know that silicone hydrogel lenses come in bolder, more opaque patterns! I think these would be great for a cosplay shoot.

I'd recommend these if you are looking for a more comfortable opaque lens for a special occasion. I wouldn't wear these as a daily lens. At the moment I am still loving my Maxlook SLC silicone hydrogel lenses as well as a hazel lens (which I'm wearing right now)- that review is coming soon! 

You can buy the Von Natural Grey lenses here.

*These lenses were gifted for review. My opinions are 100% honest.

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