Current Natural Base Makeup Routine

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back in the day when I had perfect skin I used to simply rub in some BB cream and that was that! I didn't even set with powder because my skin was nice enough to pull off the dewy K-pop star look. Now my skin is much more problematic with acne scarring and unevenness and my routine has become MUCH more involved. I attended a wedding on the weekend and decided to document the process for you guys!

I have used mostly natural products, as I am heading down an alternative health route at the moment- I have just completed a parasite cleanse (ask about it if you dare)! In time, my blog will evolve to match my health philosophy.

 This is what I'm working with. The skin on my forehead is darker, uneven and has prominent acne scarring. I also have acne scarring on my chin and jawline, which is not that evident here- zoom closer and you will see. It used to be much worse and much more red- see the post on how I am curing my acne here.

Here is a list of all base products mentioned:
Physician's Formula Illuminating Concealer
Lavera Natural Powder

Prep and Prime

I don't wash my face in the mornings because it gets dry and flaky. So I simply apply a copious amount of my Amaranth Smoothing Face cream followed by the Catalina Geo Color Capsule base to brighten and hydrate my skin for make up.

The purple capsules even out any sallowness in my complexion and brighten up any darker areas.


I ALWAYS used to conceal after foundation/BB cream, but these days I have been really enjoying using a stick concealer before foundation so that I can blend everything in one go! I saves me lots of time. I really love my ELES Photo Touch concealer, and am running out, but it's too expensive for me to purchase another.


I am currently rotating between the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation, CROP Natural Foundation or Skinfood's Mushroom BB cream as my main base. The Lavera product isn't my favourite base product because of the light coverage, but I feel less guilty when I wear it because it has natural ingredients. I really depend on concealer for any coverage when I use this. I simply apply a few lines of foundation on my forehead, cheeks and chin and use my BornPretty brush to blend the concealer and foundation at the same time!

The end result is pretty groovy!

Illuminating Concealer (optional)

I don't usually do this, but since this was a special event, I highlighted my nose bridge, under eyes and any slightly darker areas with this pretty illuminating concealer by Physician's Formula.


 Finally, I set everything with my Lavera natural powder which smells fantastic, might I add. It's again, natural and guilt free. It doesn't control oil that well which is acceptable for my dry skin.

Here is my finished base makeup + CROP natural blush and bronzer for some slight definition! Ah, the magic of makeup. I'm obsessed with how glowy my face looks in the photo above.

I did a simple, pretty pink eye look to match my dress and finished off with Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushed. 

And there you have my current foundation routine! I am really loving the stick concealer and am looking for a new one, preferably organic and natural. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear from you! I'd also love to read about your foundation routine, so please list your products in the comment section! 

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