Wednesday, 16 September 2015

This shampoo is by far my favourite out of the 3 shampoos I have reviewed by Korean brand Daeng Gi Meori, courtesy of Bntnews. To refresh your memory: the Oriental shampoo was drying and I was allergic to the Ja Dam Hwa shampoo.

The shampoo promises hair protection + scalp care and delivers energy and vitality to hair and scalp through Chinese Medicine issued ingredients such as white ginseng, cynanchum, coix, Russian iris and pomegranate. It further moisturizes dry scalps with aloe extracts and avocado oil and leaves a refreshing feeling with menthol. The creamy foam created by a natural surfactant gently eliminates wastes on scalp and is silicone-free and dermatologically tested.

The bottle states that the shampoo is for oily scalp types, which initially extinguished my hopes as I have a dry, sensitive, sometimes flaky scalp.

The packaging utilises modern typography with a clean colour scheme for an overall minimalistic look which really reminds of Neutrogena's packaging.

Another feature I like is the broad lid which allows you to store the shampoo upside down in its last legs.

The shampoo is a clear gel consistency and the scent is my favourite of the 3! It has a mild smell, but is quite zesty and doesn't really smell 'herbal' or 'oriental' to me. It lathers into a super dense and soft foam and when rinsed out, my hair actually feels soft and silky, not rough like it usually does after shampoo! I was quite amazed by this as this never happens, not even with my usual favourite LUSH solid shampoos. My scalp is left feeling refreshed and clean although I don't notice any tingling. 

Most importantly, I had no adverse reactions to this formula! 

My verdict is that this shampoo works for dry, sensitive scalp types too, smells great and leaves my hair hydrated and soft. By far the best liquid shampoo I have ever tried and it honestly gives my LUSH solid shampoos a run for their money. It keeps the oils at bay too and I have been able to leave my hair for 3 days without washing!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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