Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream and Creamy Natural Fit Concealer Review and Demo

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Today's review is on a trending product- Klairs illuminating supple blemish cream and the creamy natural fit concealer, kindly gifted to me from Wishtrend! BB creams and foundations are my favourite products to try out and review and I have never tried anything by Klairs, so I was super excited to see how it performed.

Blemish Cream
Natural, but still pretty. For all skin types.
+ No grey cast / No dry patches / No cakiness
+ Redness and pores coverage.
+ Hydration for dry and sensitive skin.
+ Anti-irritation formula.
+ SPF40 PA+++

Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer for the natural coverage you want.
+ Natural coverage.
+ Soothing formula.
+ Hydrating.

First off, I love the modern packaging style paired with the earthy beige colours. I also noticed that all the information and instructions on the box were written in perfect English, which is usually not the case with K beauty products. In my eyes, this puts the brand a step above it's competitors.

On the box it states not to apply the BB cream over blemishes which I thought was very strange seeing as it's a 'blemish cream'?

The BB cream has a tapered nozzle which is very hygienic and reduces any messiness inside the lid. It also allows me to squeeze the product directly onto my face in lines. 

The concealer packaging is fairly typical. However, the texture of the product is quite dry and I feel like a small squeeze tube would suit this type of consistency more.

I am so pleased that the BB cream is true to its claim and does not have a grey cast! There are strong yellow undertones in both products which is great for Asian skin. Unfortunately, having a darker skin tone than most East Asians, it is too light for me but I simply fix this with some contouring and darker BB creams on the sides of my face.

BB cream: Medium coverage that reduces redness very well. It has a moderately thick, creamy texture that blends well with a stippling brush. Clings to my skin very well without caking and lasts all day on me- oil control is surprisingly good! Finish is incredibly natural with a very slight dewy glow on my dry skin.

Concealer: Medium coverage that works better on redness than dark circles. Again very creamy and easy to blend with a very natural hydrating but matte finish.

Bare skin

BB cream

BB cream


I love using both of these products together as the finish is so natural, albeit too pale for me. When set with powder it really lasts the whole day! Even though I have dry skin, I usually have visible oiliness on my nose and forehead by nightfall, but not when wearing these products. My skin still looks great at the end of the day with no separation or caking to be seen. As with all base products, it does cling to the dry skin on my forehead, but that's simply part and parcel of having dry skin. 

I really like both of these products, but I would have to say that the BB cream is more value for money. I feel like the concealer is drying up already after only a few weeks of daily use. I know I will get a lot of use out of the BB cream because it feels so light and I adore the finish and oil control! If only it came in more shades!

Here is a photo in natural light. I used a darker BB cream on the sides of my face as well as my Physician's Formula bronzer to match my face to my neck and chest. As you can see, my face still looks a shade lighter.

I would recommend both products for all skin types, but the BB cream more so! The yellow undertone, hydrating, yet natural finish and lasting power really make it stand out from all the other grey toned BB creams I have tried. I'm really impressed with my first try of Klairs products!

Purchase the Illuminating Supple BB cream for $25 USD and the Concealer for $14 USD!

*These items were gifted for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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