Samurai Champloo Genderbent Jin Cosplay

Thursday, 3 September 2015

"Some days, some nights, some live some die in the way of the Samurai"

If you've read my blog for awhile you'll know that I'm not really anime fan, but I did watch Samurai Champloo and I absolutely LOVED it! I just found it so strange, funny and quirky with the combination of hip hop music and traditional Edo setting! Jin is by far my favourite stoic Samurai in the world, so I decided to cosplay as him! My favourite scene is this one:

So random and hilarious! 

I am too short to portray a convincing Jin, so I settled on a fem version, transforming his uniform into a short yukata. The pattern is very simple and I pretty much freestyled it according to my measurements and made the sleeves very long at first. I also kept the back of the yukata at floor length. This is the result from the first shoot I did with Travis from Filmcraft. Give him some love! He deserves it!

I wasn't particularly happy with how I performed that day because I felt so awkward with the sword! I thought it would be easy to think of poses on the spot, but I had no idea what to do with it and felt very unprepared, not being a trained Samurai and all... After reviewing these photos I decided to shorten the sleeves because they were swallowing me, and cut off the back of the yukata. I also added some long socks and the reshoot was much better!

I love this costume because it is so comfortable compared to my first Jaycee cosplay. Right now I am working on a battle Pocahontas getup, which has taken me months! I am due to finish it in a few weeks. 

Here are some BTS shots taken by Joel, affectionately known as 'BTS bitch'. 

I honestly don't know how I managed to keep a serious face the whole time with this stuff happening in the background the WHOLE TIME. Boys I tell ya.

With this cosplay, I found that static poses didn't work so well as they just looked really posed and stale. Then again moving photos are equally as hard because you have to capture the exact right amount of movement, especially the hair! I am wearing cheap synthetic hair extensions here and we found that every time I did a hair flip in the pose above, the extensions would flip because they are heavier but my natural hair stayed put! It made for some very odd photos!

 This bottom photo was our first attempt at lifting Travis under the constraints of the 10 second self-timer. As soon as we got him up, he proceeded to roll smoothly out of our arms straight onto the ground and the camera caught it as Travis got up. Yanto and I are on the floor laughing because it happened so suddenly and randomly!

Can you guys recommend some anime similar to Samurai Champloo? I tried to watch Cowboy Bebop, but wasn't too keen on the space setting. 

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