Too Cool for School Glossy Blaster 'Dinky Pink' Tint Review

Friday, 25 September 2015

I loved the Too Cool for School Glossy Blaster Tints for their hydration, bright pop of colour and longevity, so I was very happy to receive a full size version of 'Dinky Pink', a colour that I hadn't tried before! I recommend reading my thoughts on the product here, as this post is just going to be a recap and swatch of the new colour.

"A new-concept 3rd generation tint made of ‘Too Cool For School’s own golden ratio at 30% water and 70% oil. It maintains moisturized and bright lips all day thanks to its luster and durability that colors the lips more clearly when applied more and more"- Bntnews

The packaging is adorable as I have come to expect from TCFS.

Dinky Pink is a hot pink, almost fuchsia colour which is made a bit more wearable thanks to the glossiness and slight translucency of the formula. Wearing hot pinks such as this make me feel like I'm channeling a Kpop star!

I usually don't think hot pinks suit me very well- I'm much of a coral/orange lip kind of girl, but this particular shade and glossy finish worked well with my tanned complexion! I have even been brave enough to wear it to Uni twice and have received compliments on how 'radiant' and 'young' I looked!

This shade and product is a huge win for me and retains the title of my favourite Korean lip tint because of the hydrating and long lasting formula. It also comes in 6 shades so I'm sure you can find one to suit you!

I have now tried all of them except for Posh Coral and my favourites have to be Merry Tangerine and Dinky Pink. I do like Chic Red, but it's quite bold for every day use so I don't reach for it often. 

You can buy the TCFS Glossy Blaster tints for $8 a piece on Koreadepart or Ebay!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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