Born Pretty Beauty Blender Dupe Review

Thursday, 12 November 2015

I have always wanted to try the famous beauty blender so I figured I would try a dupe from BornPretty instead! I realise that this review won't be as useful because I don't have the real beauty blender to compare it with so I have vowed to update this post with a comparison when I get one.

For $2.24, you won't be crying even if the quality is not as good! Also remember to use code KIMH10 for 10% off any full priced item from BornPretty! 

When I first received this sponge, what struck me was how hard it was. I expected it to be porous and well... 'spongey', but it is actually very firm. The surface is perfectly smooth and rubbery, unlike the beauty blender which looks fuzzy and porous. 


I simply run the blender under the tap and squeeze it 3 times until it absorbs some water. It expands to around one quarter of its size and remains relatively firm. Thick BB creams and foundations work the best with a sponge as they give you a higher coverage as opposed to using a brush which moves the product around a lot more. I thought that the sponge would fit the contours of my face better and allow me to get my base into every nook and cranny, but I found it quite awkward to reach into the corners of my nose. A brush with longer, softer bristles works much better for this. What I do like using this sponge for is blending concealer under my eyes for that heavier coverage. Another plus is that it doesn't leave any streaks!

When I use it with a thinner foundation such as my L'oreal Tru Match, it takes forever to blend out and I find that during the day my chin area becomes extremely cakey due to the combination of thicker coverage and my dry skin. 

Overall, I prefer using my BornPretty brushes (my favourite brushes yet!) over this sponge as it is much less time consuming to blend with a brush, rather than pat with a sponge. Maybe I am simply using it with the wrong products though. I am still experimenting with it!

Get the beauty blender dupe here!

See the sponge in action in my recent Youtube video:

Do you prefer brushes or a beauty blender for your BB creams and foundations?

*I was gifted this product for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

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