BornPretty Lip Liner Review (Cheap and fantastic quality!)

Monday, 23 November 2015

Lip liners are one of those products that I always refuse to spend money on because I underrate them. However they are an essential step for a long lasting lip colour! The last product I reviewed from BornPretty was the Efolar concealer which was a massive fail, and I am happy to say these lip liners are a 5 star win.

The liners are described on the website as being long lasting and hydrating with a glossy finish. They retail for a super cheap price of $2.18 US! Don't forget to use the code KIMH10 for 10% off any full priced item from BornPretty!

I chose 2 shades- #6 and #8 from the selection of 12. At the time I wanted to have some colours that were similar to the popular Kylie Jenner shade, but neither of them ended up being brown enough. 

The packaging is fairly funky and is definitely targeted towards a younger audience. I remember when hot pink and black was my favourite colour scheme back when I was a teeny bopper! The pencils are the standard and need sharpening. I used to prefer crayon pencils, but now I prefer pencils after the crayons kept breaking on me.

The pencils are super pigmented and glide on extremely smoothly. I thought that they would be quite soft and need regular sharpening after every use, but I was surprised to see that they only needed sharpening every 3-4 full lip applications! The product is very creamy, yet thin which I love because I have very creasy lips that can be emphasised by thick lip products. These fill the lines in with a very thin layer and have a satin finish (matte with a slight sheen) making my lips look extremely smooth. 

The colour is extremely long lasting and is hydrating in terms of a lip pencil. No bleeding either due to the matte satin texture! I wore #8 alone for a whole day and after 6 hours I found I only had some fading and dryness in the inner parts of my lips where the product wore off when I ate. A waxy lip balm is best to touch up with before reapplication.

#6 is a deeper pinky nude shade. I thought I would like #6 the best, but it does not match my tanned skin as well as #8. 
#8 is a gorgeous deep red with a hint of burgundy and is absolutely perfect for a vampy look.

I changed my lighting which allows you to better see how tanned my skin is. I feel like my previous lighting (window light) was making me photograph much paler than I actually am. Here I am wearing #8 by itself with a slightly smokey eye. I usually don't like to draw attention to my lips because they are not my best feature, but this shade and finish makes them look perfect. 

These liners are hands down the best and cheapest I have tried. My previous favourite, the Essence lip liner has a similar price point and texture to these, however is much softer and requires sharpening after every use, whereas these pencils will last you for much longer. Another win from BornPretty!

Swatch from the website.
Get these lip pencils here for $2.18. I am really feeling shades #2, 3 and 5 now. 

What is your favourite lip liner and what is your experience with cheap vs expensive liners?

My highly recommended, tried and tested items from Born Pretty are:

*I was gifted this product for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

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