Physician's Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing BB Cream Review [for tanned skin!]

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I have managed to sneak some time by boycotting one of my clinic shifts to spend the day at home. Naturally I'm going to do some blogging! I received the Physician's Formula Argan Oil BB cream many months ago and I did a quick overview of all the products in the Argan Oil line here.

"Luxurious, high performance formula evens out skin tone, vanishing flaws and imperfections and smoothing skin texture without ever leaving a greasy feel or finish. SPF 30. Infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil, know as liquid gold for its rich conditioning benefits that can improve skin's brightness, tone, texture, and elasticity." 

In Australia there is only one shade available: Light/Medium. Usually this means that the BB cream will be too light for me, but as this is made by a Western brand, the shade is much darker than I imagined!

The only thing that annoys me about the packaging is the funky dome shaped lid because I cannot store it upright with all my other base products. It just kind of leans on the rest. And because I always like to store my products lid down, the typography is upside down which annoys me to no end *rant over*!

Before applying this BB cream, you MUST shake it! It contains Argan oil and is very prone to separation. This BB cream has a very strong almost sickly sweet scent that must come from the Argan oil as all the products in the line (even the blushes!) have the same distinctive smell. I personally don't mind the smell that much as I cannot smell it once I have applied it, however looking at the reviews on Makeupalley, it seems like it does bother some people.

I find it quite hard to describe the texture of the BB cream as it is somehow light and airy and thick at the same time. It blends well with both a sponge and a flat top brush. This cream is definitely best for dry skin due to the enriching oils and my skin feels lovely and hydrated throughout the day. The finish is smooth and velvety and not greasy at all! 

I am happy to say that this shade, more or less, matches my Summer skin tone! My face is generally much paler than my body for some reason and wearing this BB cream injects some colour and life into my face. Compared to my bare skin, the shade looks a little orange, however when compared to my bronzed chest and upper body, it is a perfect match. 

Coverage wise, it evens out my skin tone but does not do much for my darker scars. You know how most Western BB creams are more like tinted moisturisers? Well this one with its thicker texture is definitely more of an Asian BB cream. I would classify this as light-medium coverage for me. With concealer and powder, it lasts just as well as any base product on my dry skin.

Overall I would recommend this BB cream if you have dry skin, don't require too much coverage and are too dark to match any Korean BB creams (story of my life)! I find that I reach for this product on low key errand days where I just want some light coverage and to keep my skin hydrated. I am really pleased to have found a decent BB cream that matches my skin tone! If only it had more coverage...

You can buy this in store at Priceline for $25.95 or on iHerb for a much cheaper price of $20.50! iHerb also stocks the Light shade.

Have you tried any decent Western BB creams? Please let me know as I am always on the hunt for darker BB creams to match my skin tone!

*I was gifted this product. I chose to review it of my own accord and all my opinions are 100% honest.

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