Things to do when you're bored at home!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Summer holidays are approaching in Australia. If you've ever experienced a Perth Summer, you will know that some days are simply too hot to venture outside lest your skin burn to a crisp, or scald your hands on a simmering steering wheel. The best strategy is to stay inside and sip ice water and occupy yourself before the monotonous boredom sets in.

Now is the time to do the whole facial shebang! We all lead busy lives, so we must take care of ourselves and our precious skin when we have the time. My go to facial routine of the moment is:

1. Wash and gently exfoliate.
2. Steam with hot water + 3 drops lavender essential oil.
3. Refine pores with a clay mask and remove with a warm wet towel.
4. Moisturise and spot treat with lavender oil.

Ah gaming, not only is it fun but it's actually not a waste of time! Studies show that action games hone your reflexes and lead to quick yet accurate decision making. I like to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with my preferred character being Jaycee of course. If you don't have a console, there are a number of browser games to occupy you such as Tribal wars or Mansion casino games.

I have left my nails bare 95% of this year because I have been too stressed to even think about them. My current nail colour is a lovely vampire red by Rimmel (035 Wine Hot) in preparation for a Ball where I am wearing a black gown. Only afterwards did I realise how great it felt to look down on my beautifully manicured nails. Taking care of my nails is a priority when I have some free time to be bored.

Wash yo' makeup brushes! If you are anything like me, your poor brushes only get washed once every 2 weeks at best, and that is simply not good enough if you are acne prone. No one likes this job, but since I bought my mini pink brush egg from Born Pretty (only $3!), it is so much quicker and easier to give my brushes a deep clean! These two freshly washed brushes are my favourite to apply BB cream and you can see my review here.

Historically, I have not been much of an anime fan which is why I have vowed to expand my interests and try to watch more these holidays. At the moment I am snailing through the classic 'Darker than Black' which is an action packed, sci-fi drama. I highly recommend Samurai Champloo as a starter into the world of anime.

I was astounded to see the last entry in my journal was over 1 year ago with the first line reading 'I AM SO STRESSED'. Which made me chuckle because not much has changed thanks to Uni. I started writing my goals and plans for my new Youtube channel (please subscribe!) and started to become very inspired. In one of Tim Ferris' recent podcasts, 'How Philosophy can change your life', it was stated that writing down and drawing everything going through your head has a similar effect to meditation. 

What do you do when you are bored at home? And let me know your at-home facial tips!

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