MOONLAB Real Cooling Thermometer Mask Moisture Supply Review

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

This mask came in my Bntnews package at precisely the right time, now the Australian summer is upon us! I haven't tried many cooling Korean products so I was very excited for this one, especially as I am a fan of using ice on my face on puffy days which can be rather messy.

The mask lowers your skin temperature by 6.7 degrees. I'm surprised that face 'slimming' or 'de-puffing' is not included in the claims because I would assume that would be a very attractive selling point! After all, using regular ice on my face really does reduce swelling after a night of little sleep.

There are 4 sheet masks in the pack.

I have reviewed bio-celulose masks before and they are all quite fiddly to unwrap as the mask is packaged in between a gauze layer and a waxy paper layer. The mask is exactly like a large slice of coconut meat and has a unique gel texture. Out of all the masks I've tried, this type adheres to my skin the best and does not slip down my face! The amount of essence is perfect- there is no drippage and my skin absorbs a lot of it so that there is hardly any left after 20 minutes of wear.

The cooling sensation surprised me! It was stronger than I expected and my top lip actually goes a little numb 10 minutes into wear. It reminded me of all the times I had dental work and couldn't feel my lips as the anaesthetic wore off! After removing the mask and rubbing the essence in, I found that my skin absorbed most of it and felt nice and hydrated and was just slightly tacky on the surface. I didn't notice any difference to my pores or redness in my skin though. I took before and after photos, but there was no difference- hence I omitted them from this review.

You can apply makeup over the leftover essence (without looking greasy, yay!) and both times I went out afterwards. To my surprise every time the wind blew, my face would tingle and the cooling sensation came back! This effect lasted 2-3 hours after I removed the mask and was so welcome because it is nearing to 40 degree mark here in Perth!

Overall, this is the most unique mask I have ever tried and it definitely does provide a cooling sensation which lasted for hours after removal. The bio-cellulose is a major plus as the material is such high quality and adherent. This is a great novelty item and I enjoy using it during Summer, however it isn't a product I would stock up on right now as it didn't do much for my skin issues (acne and scars).

Have you tried any cooling products? Which has been your favourite?

*I was gifted this item for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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