New Neutral Coral and Rose shades! Keep in Touch Korean Water Lip Tattoos

Monday, 7 December 2015

Ahoy! 2 new shades spotted! I am now the proud owner of all 5 shades of lip tints by Korean brand Keep in Touch. In my review of the original 3 tints, I mentioned that I would love to try more neutral shades of lip tints as the usual bright colours can look garish with my tanned skin. I was so happy when Keep in Touch contacted me again with the news that they produced two neutral shades, 04 Sweet Coral and 05 Rose Gold.

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Please read my original review to see my thought on the texture and wear of the tints. This post is purely to show you the two new shades and how they look with my skin tone.

The new shades are slightly less pigmented and have a thinner texture than their brighter counterparts. This suits me because I feel more confident applying them like a lipgloss throughout the day- no mirror needed!

04 Sweet Coral is a milky, slightly pastel coral. 
05 Rose Gold is a beautiful brownish rose.

At first I thought Sweet Coral would wash me out as it leans towards the pastel side. However due to the lesser pigmentation, it blends with my darker lips to create a very sweet pink lip that I can only just get away with. I like that it brightens up my face and I feel very girly when I wear this shade.

If you follow my Instagram (@kim_kine doooo itt!) you would have seen that I am OBSESSED with Rose gold! I have never tried a Korean lip tint in a shade similar to this! The rosy brown shade is perfect for my tanned skin and I have been wearing it non-stop. It goes with my neutral bronze every day eye makeup so well and it makes me feel so classy and mature. 

If you don't like the usual bright Korean lip tint shades, these are for you. Even better if you have a darker skin tone because these have a much higher chance of suiting you! Especially 05 Rose Gold, my new baby. 

You can purchase these on Gmarket for a great price of $7.78. Unfortunately this product is only available for domestic shipping in Korea. Hopefully these will be available to international buyers soon!

Keep in touch with Keep in Touch (hurhur) on their websiteFacebook and Instagram (@keepintouch_makeup).

Can you recommend me any other brands that stock neutral lip tint shades?

*I was gifted these products for review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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