SNP Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Skincare Set Review (6 step Korean skincare routine!)

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Bntnews really went all out in December's box and it was such a pleasure to try out the SNP Za Aryeon Eun Yoon set. SNP is best known for their animal masks (see my review here) which are quirky and fun, so I was quite surprised when I made the connection between the 2 lines of products!

All the products contain 7 different herbal ingredients such as wild ginseng, figwort, a kind of sage plant, sophora root, codonopsis, pilose bellflower and leguminosae. These products are fermented for anti-aging benefits.

 First off, every single one of the products has the same bitter herbal smell to it. Personally, I quite enjoy herbal scents and bitter teas but I can imagine many people would find the smell unpleasant, especially if you have not been exposed to herbal foods and products before.

The ornamental box is absolutely beautiful and fit for a Queen with its royal burgundy and gold colour scheme.

My jaw dropped when I first opened the set and gazed upon these treasures!

Here is the line up in order of use: 
Cleansing foam, toner, lotion, essence, cream and eye cream.

Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Cleansing Foam: A hypoallergenic cleansing foam that effectively eliminates wastes and excessive sebum with its abundant bubbles. 

I have to say, as soon as I saw this was a foaming type cleanser, my hopes weren't high. My dry skin does not like foaming cleansers full stop. The cleanser produces a lot of foam and my hands literally 'squeak' and drag across my face as I rinse it off because it has sucked so much moisture from my skin. Foaming cleansers are simply not for me and this one was no different. I stopped using this after 2 uses.

Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Toner: A herbal toner that highly moisturizes and evens your skin. 

I rarely use toners, but using this one for the past few weeks has made me realise their potential in my routine! I like the herbal scent so splashing and patting this toner onto my face is very enjoyable. It is only slightly thicker than water and is clear. It does the job of dampening and nourishing my skin to prep it for the rest of the products. You need to be quick though because it dries quickly.

Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Lotion: A herbal lotion that makes your skin bright and fresh.

Both the emulsion and toner come in these beautiful glass bottles with a simple hole in the top to dispense the product. This works fine for the watery toner, but the emulsion requires some hard slapping to dispense the thin lotion. The texture and hydration is light and slightly watery. The products build up in richness as you progress through the routine. 

Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Herbal Essence: A herbal essence that improves skin’s elasticity. 

Unlike its fancy counterparts, the poor essence gets a cheaply made plastic container and pump! I wonder why this discrepancy exists because the essence is one of my favourite products from the set. I would call this a serum as it has a viscous, slightly sticky texture that is not as heavy as I expected. It absorbs easily and locks in moisture well.

Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Cream: A highly concentrated herbal nourishing cream. 

This cream is rich and nourishing and perfect for my dry skin. I love heavy creams like this and it was a welcome change back from my previous skincare routine where I was predominantly using oils! The cream is effective on it's own, but when applied after the previous products when my skin is wet it performs much better! It absorbs much more easily and I feel much less greasy as a result, even though I have more products on my skin.

Za Aryeon Eun Yoon Eye Cream: A highly concentrated eye cream that perfectly nourishes the skin around your eyes. It also improves wrinkles. 

In real life, this eye cream is teeny tiny and very cute. It is very hard for me to review eye creams since I hardly use them (I just spread whatever facial moisturiser I am using on my eyes!), but from what I can tell, this just feels like an heavier version of the facial cream. That being said, it absorbs into my skin and doesn't leave my eyes feeling irritated or greasy.

Considering that my usual skincare routine consists of 3 products, I'm glad that I tried out a comprehensive Korean skincare routine! I thought that it would be tiresome to use all 6 products (except the cleanser) day and night, but I was surprised at how enjoyable it was to layer and massage each product onto my face. I felt pampered and rich (for once!), and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I will continue using this set and would love to purchase more Korean skincare sets where all the products are laid out for you and are formulated to compliment each other. It's just so convenient!

Laven (Berries in the Snow) also pointed out most of the products in the set contain acne triggers and some red flagged ingredients. Check out her post for her take on the set! I didn't get any significant breakouts from using the products though, just my usual clogged pores that seem to form regardless of what products I use.

This set retails for around $160 USD, which is a fair price considering the packaging and quality of the products. It doesn't seem to be available online though, so I assume it can only be bought in Korea. 

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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