Lamy Cosmetics Real 97% Rice Paper Eating Mask Pack Review- Big Miss

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ah mask packs! I love using them but have a hard time reviewing them. I received 3 fancy packs from Korean brand Lamy Cosmetics, courtesy of Bntnews. I have reviewed one other item from Lamy Cosmetics before- the Catalina Geo violet make up base.

This product is unique to other sheet masks because the mask itself is made of 97% real rice. The sensation is said to be completely different to other masks which are made of synthesized material, making the rice mask very suited to sensitive skin. I don't know about you guys, but I have fairly sensitive skin and when I react to sheet masks I always thought it was because of the essence, not the mask material?

The essence that consists of diverse herbal ingredients such as rh-EGF capsulized with lecithin, plant stem cells, Chinese redbud, and fermented red ginseng to nourish, reduce irritation and stress on the skin.

I also came across this video of the adorable girls from Crayon Pop receiving the mask! They don't try it out though :S.

The packs are quite large at around A4 size! I was quite dismayed to see that each pack only contained 1 mask as this much packaging for a one use product is very wasteful. I received 3 different types:

Tumeric for fresh and firm skin.
Green Tea for moisturized and radiant skin.
Black Rice for transparent and shining skin.

1) Clean your skin with a toner after washing your face.
2) Spread the essence included in the package on your mask sheet.
3) Let it for 2 minutes.
4) Put on your mask from the center of your face to the outside.
5) Remove the product after 15-20 minutes and then finish your routine with your base products.

The dry sheet mask is packaged inside a plastic case.
The essence is packaged separately in a sachet. Open up both and pour the essence onto the mask and let it soak in for 2 minutes.

The amount of essence is more than adequate to saturate the mask and it dripped when I picked it up and applied it to my face. It does take 2 minutes for the essence to soak in to the rice paper as it has a thick, syrupy texture. The mask material is indeed very unique and feels exactly like a sheet of vermicelli! Because of this, the mask is extremely delicate. I have delicate and sensitive Chiropractic fingers and I took so much care in applying the mask to my face and still managed to rip it as you can see below :(.

The sheet is split into a top half and bottom half and I can see why this is necessary as it would most definitely rip if it were one piece. Fit-wise the mask is fairly poor. There is a lot of excess sheet around my forehead and chin.

Tumeric mask

I found that the mask did not adhere to my face very well at all because of the rice paper texture! The sides kept flapping forwards and this became worse as it dried. Surprisingly, the mask significantly dried out within 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, the edges were almost 100% dry.

Black Rice mask

This is how the mask sits after 20 minutes. No matter how much I pushed it back into place, it still wanted to peel off!

Because the mask dried out, my skin was left feeling only slightly tacky and well hydrated. Makeup applied on smoothly which is important- I have used sheet masks which left such a thick, dried layer of essence on my face that flaked off into balls when I applied makeup!

I have used the Tumeric and Black Rice mask and noticed within the week of usage, I got 2 huge cystic pimples- one on my lip and one on my chin. I NEVER get these kind of pimples (usually just clogged pores!), I'm not going to blame this mask completely because these pimples could have been caused by another new product I'm using or stress, but there is definitely a chance these masks could be the culprit. I am still nursing the pimple on my chin, which hurts like crazy! I am definitely not going to use the last mask just in case.

Overall, these masks were pretty fail for me. They produce an incredible amount of waste, rip easily, don't stick to my face and may or may not cause me to get cystic pimples!

You can buy these masks from Ebay for around $7USD each. For one mask? Not worth it!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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