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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

So far, 2016 has been a period of insecurity and transition. I have finally graduated from University after 7 years of study, not all of them useful. I managed to have a few weeks of time to myself, but ended up working a lot at my part time job in a desperate bid to save up enough money so I can purchase my insurance so I have the option to practice as a Chiropractor! In the upcoming months I am starting at my new job in the medical cosmetics industry (that's right, I may not even use my Chiropractic degree!), may move out of home, am re-evaluating my relationships and am leaving for Singapore today for Chinese New Year! Nothing is stable right now, hence the lack of blog posts, but I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride :). 

The best thing has been reconnecting with friends whom I have neglected over the past 5 years, because studying Chiropractic saps away your life force (I'm not joking). 10 years ago, a lovely girl came to Perth on exchange from the UK for 1 short year. We became best friends- the kind where we would spend all day at school together and go home, only to call each other on our home phones to chat some more. I was devastated when she left and have never had that kind of connection with anyone else since. We checked in on each other once every few years on FB but I never thought I'd see her again. Lo and behold, last week I get a message from her saying she will be in Perth the week after and will be looking for a job! We have since caught up twice and her presence here has set off a chain of re-connections from the past. Check out these amazing photos of me from 10 years ago! I'm wearing a velveteen blazer with 3/4 pants and skate shoes!

This one is my school photo from 11 years ago. I chanced upon it and couldn't stop laughing. What a gem! I think it's safe to say I blossomed after high school. I have a huge collection of ugly teenage photos that I am very willing to share if anyone would ever be interested HAHA.

I have also managed to reconnect with friends from around 3-4 years ago and it's fascinating to see what has changed and what hasn't. Some of them have discovered their artistic side and have gotten into photography. Working a full time job has allowed them the funds to purchase all the gear they want and we ended up shooting last week at my old high school of all places. Here are some slightly more attractive shots of me taken by Oscar. Check him out on Instagram @oscararmando90! @jiaqi_li1 was also there but I haven't got his edited shots back yet.

I also caught up with Michael from Vestiige Photography and we initially just planned to have a coffee in the city but ended up shooting! He does some seriously kooky work and I am so looking forward to doing more creepy things with him. 

I crawled into a gross crevice filled with spiderwebs, complete with HUGE dead spiders! 

I am so grateful to know so many creative souls who want to work with me on photography projects. I will never be a model, and I have always thought modelling would be difficult and awkward, but working with friends is pure fun. 

I leave for Singapore today to see my amazing family (and my little sister!) and be with them for Chinese New Year, my favorite holiday of the year. I don't plan to blog whilst I'm there, but have some scheduled posts ready to go up. This time I am seriously considering documenting my trip with an old school disposable film camera to capture each moment as it is, no editing or pretense required. 

I would love to know of any new developments in your life! Please tell me!

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