[OPEN] Kawaii Box International Review and Giveaway!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The last time I held a Kawaii Box giveaway, it was super popular and there were lots of entries! So I am very happy to start off 2016 by holding another one for you guys because I love giving things away :).

I received the November Kawaii Box to review and it was even better than I remembered! The box was Christmas themed, and unfortunately the post was very slow due to all the Christmas traffic, so I only received it a few days before Christmas, hence the late review.

FYI. the winner will receive the February Kawaii Box, which will obviously contain different items to this box. Easy entry via one of the many options in the Rafflecoptor below! Go go go!

Now for some quick information about Kawaii Box. Each box contains 10-12 of the most kawaii hand picked items from popular Japanese and Korean brands. Think Glico, Hello Kitty and Blippo! The items include stationary, candy or beauty accessories. Below are the subscription options.

Here is the spread of Novembers box! Seriously the box was so tiny, I was very impressed with how many items came out of it #packingskillz. 

2016 Desktop Calendar + Rain Boot pen

The calendar is my favorite item from the box! The color scheme reminds me of Kikki K products, but is so much cuter and the paper is nice and thick. Each page is a different color and is beautifully decorated with cartoon animals all over. As you can see, I have already penned in some important dates using the rain boot pen- I am going to Singapore on the 28th for Chinese New Year!

Harajuku Bag Charm

This bag charm definitely screams Harajuku and to me it looks like something you would hang from a baby's pram to keep it amused. If I were still in High School, this would be a cute addition to my back pack, but seeing as I'm officially Dr Kim, I don't think this would be appropriate on my handbag! The charm is sturdy and well made and jingles merrily as you move it around.

Kawaii Fruits hair clips
I see these bright pastel snappy hair clips in the same way as the Harajuku bag charm. Very sweet but too young for me. However, I am going to keep these in my cosplay box in case I ever decide to dress up as a Decora version of a character! 

Strawberry Pocky + Squishy emoticon bread charm

That is a full sized Pocky and it was inhaled immediately after I took this photo. Although Pocky is available here, it is a treat that I never allow myself to have! I am still very partial to the Green tea flavor though, so I was nice and shared some Pocky with my SO who happens to love strawberry flavored goodies. 

I find the bread charm really funny. Just look at how joyful he is! He's also squishy and great to take out your stress on.

Nora brand Highlighter set

These mini highlighters are my second favorite item because they the nib is so small and precise. Oh and the pens are very cute too. When I was studying, highlighters were always in short supply because mine always dried out so quickly. I'm a bit miffed I'm not still studying (I think I'll take that back now) so I can use these highlighters! 

Canvas Pouch + Kawaii plush beans

The canvas pouch is a neat item for putting gifts in, but not much else. I honestly can't think of what I will use it for! Maybe my lunch when I start working?

I actually laughed out loud when I opened up the pencil case and found these little yellow 'beans' inside. These are so random! Considering the color of the 'beans' and the case, I think this is more likely corn than beans do you agree? Anyway, the mini pencil case is the perfect size for the highlighters, so in they went!

As for the corn, I gave them to my Pika Pomeranian she loves them! She just carries them around in her mouth, one by one and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Christmas Puffy stickers + Christmas card

Puffy stickers are the best stickers! These would have been great to decorate my Christmas gift tags with, but again damn you late postage! They went into the Christmas box for this year, but not before I stuck one on the 25th Dec in my new calendar :)

I also like that Kawaii Box included a mini Christmas card which is very practical thinking.

Overall, the selection for November 2015 Kawaii Box was very good with the right amount of practical, cute and funny items! I am in my mid twenties though, and the box is definitely aimed at a younger audience who would probably use some of the items more than I would because I'm a grown up now :'(.

Please scroll up and enter my giveaway! Good Luck!

*These items were gifted for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

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