Vely Vely Red Rouge No. 19 Lipstick Review

Monday, 18 January 2016

Imvely is a Korean online store that stocks clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and their own line of cosmetics. I had not heard of this site before, but upon browsing, the styling of the products and website design looks very similar to the famous Stylenanda, but girlier! The price points are also on par with Nanda. 

I received the newly launched Vely Vely Red Rouge lipstick from Bntnews. I have discovered so many new and interesting Korean brands through Bntnews and I am really happy and grateful that I can share them with you guys. Check out the rest of the Vely Vely cosmetics range here, the styling and photography is drool worthy!

"Add a dash of color to your makeup arsenal with this bright red lipstick. It offers full coverage and ultra soft texture--perfect during the day or at night. Perfect with your little black dress, sleek black leather pumps, and diamond stud necklace for a sophisticated take."

The lipstick contains nourishing ingredients suck as honey, shea butter and '6 flower complex'. 

When I opened the girly pink and gold box, I was quite surprised to see the matte black tube with graphic writing on it! I totally expected a girly pink lolita-esque style packaging that matched the box! Again, I can't help but be reminded of Stylenanda products which have the same matte black, graphic packaging.

Red Rouge is a very bright red- possibly the brightest I have in my collection. As soon as I saw the colour I was scared as I don't feel comfortable wearing red lipstick. Bright reds are even worse! I was reminded of my awful stage makeup back when I was a dancer, think bright purple eyeshadow paired with the gaudiest red lipstick on the market! Once I applied it, I knew the colour was not right for my tanned skin tone and I felt uglier almost immediately. When I wear this shade, I feel like my eyes look smaller and my face looks wider. Oh the power of makeup.

The lipstick is quite hard and not creamy at all. It adheres to the lips extremely well, similar to how a matte lipstick applies. This lipstick is able to be applied thinly, so you can control the colour payoff. On me, a thin layer tends to look more pink. 

The finish is only slightly glossy when I don't use lip balm underneath. Here I applied paw paw ointment underneath the lipstick as my lips were extremely dry that day which is making my lips look glossier.

Due to the strong adherence of the product, I expected the lipstick to be very long lasting, but the wear time was only average, plus the colour does not say put! For such a strong colour, regular touchups and checks were essential throughout the day as I was paranoid about the colour smudging over the borders of my lips. And I HATE touching up my makeup during the day! 

I would highly recommend using a lipliner with this lipstick. I have naturally dry lips and found that the dryness was well hidden for the first our or so, but as the lipstick wore off, the dry patches became obvious. I'd say the lipstick is moderately hydrating but my lips are a special case and need more pampering.

Overall, I found this lipstick to be average. The pigmentation and hydration are good for a lipstick, however I do not rate the average longevity and the smudging. It also does not help that I received a colour I hated! It was painful to wear this out during the day for the sake of this review! 

The colour definitely skewed my review of this lipstick and I know I would have been kinder if I had received a more neutral shade like no.2. Longevity and smudging matter much less with nude shades. 

This lipstick costs $27.72 USD and no I don't think it's worth it, because the regular checks and touch ups = work and I am lazy. ALL of the other shades are listed as matte, perhaps those would be longer lasting and transfer-proof!?

I must say though, the other cosmetics from Vely Vely look very appealing, I would love to try their eyeshadows and butter crayon lipsticks! 

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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