Ecocare Organic Wipes Review

Monday, 29 February 2016

Do you have an arsenal of wipes in your cupboard? I didn't really think wipes were a necessary beauty item and I survived years without them, but after trailing these Ecocare Organic wipes, I now admit that they pretty useful!

These wipes are certified organic, toxin-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable and contain active ingredients and essential nutrients + antioxidants for soft, supple, healthy skin. I received two different kinds to try:

Specially crafted, squeezing in four apples to cleanse the skin of oily build-up and leave your skin feeling firm and refreshed. Also includes honey, nature’s little treat, for moisture and antioxidants to assist with hydration and rejuvenation. For combination skin.

Blends variations of Rose oil including the precious Rosa Damascena, essential for toning and balancing the skin. Chamomile, long known in natural remedies, moisturises and soothes even sensitive and tired skin. For dry skin.

I like the bright colours Ecocare used in the packaging. The front label is resealable which does lead to the wipes drying out faster. Then again, having a plastic flap contributes to waste, so I guess I prefer the resealable flap.

The sheets definitely have that organic quality about them. They are coarser than a regular wipe and I can see that the weave of the fibres is a little irregular and the colour is off-white. Perfectly imperfect is what I would call them. I find the slight coarseness provides better friction to aid in removing makeup.

Both wipes work exactly the same in terms of removing makeup and cleansing the skin, but I find that the Apple and Honey wipes do leave my skin feeling tighter which is to be expected as it is formulated for combo skin. I find the wipes to be a little dry (as in not 'wet enough', not drying to my skin) for my liking, especially after a few weeks as they dry out further. However I have taken to wetting the wipes with water now which works just fine! I like to use these wipes as a first cleanse to take off all my makeup at the end of the day before going in with my Philosophy Purity cleanser. They do an excellent job of removing foundation and BB cream, but don't do that well with waterproof eye makeup. Then again, I doubt any wipe could remove this stuff thoroughly? Anyway, I don't really mind this- as long as my skin is clean.

The other difference is the scent of course. I don't really like the scent of the Apple and Honey- it somehow smells a bit sour to me. On the other hand, the Rose and Chamomile smells delicious and also doesn't dry out my skin. Overall, the Rose is definitely my favourite!

Organic products are generally better for your skin and environment, but the problem is always the price (for me anyway). I was pleased to see that these wipes are very reasonably priced! I was expecting them to be over $10, but you can shop the range from a Nourished Life here for $8.95 AUD per pack. Great for you international folk who can take advantage of our super weak dollar at the moment!

*I was gifted these products for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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