The Lavicos Enzyme Washing Powder Review

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Powder cleansers have never appealed to me, but after tying this brand new (so new it hasn't even been priced yet!) powder enzyme cleanser by thelaviscos, I am very intrigued and want to try more! 

This gentle powder type cleanser has the same pH as your skin. It contains the special ingredient papain to effectively eliminate any accumulated dead cells for smooth skin. 

FYI: Papain is a protease enzyme that comes from the unripe fruit of the papaya tree. In skincare, it is typically used in scrubs and exfoliants as it helps to break down the material between skin cells, allowing dead skin cells to be sloughed off. This uncovers fresh, healthy skin cells underneath, improving skin texture and giving skin a healthy glow.

I never actively look for a cleanser that is marketed as 'pH balanced', instead I simply go for any cleanser that claims to soothe and hydrate dry skin. In terms of the claims stated above, I must say that this cleanser fulfils all of them!

The ingredients list is surprisingly and impressively short, although it contains SLS which is interesting because the cleanser is pH balanced. SLS has a high pH.

Does the bottle remind anyone else of the brand Clarins? I have never even used anything from Clarins, but I immediately thought of it! As the cleanser comes in powder form, the bottle is super duper light! A little of the powder goes a very long way making this is the perfect type of cleanser to take travelling. 

You see this little sprinkle of suspicious looking white powder? That is enough to cleanse my entire face and neck! When mixed with water it forms a silky, rich lather and you get around 3 seconds of scrub action as the little balls you see below dissolve away into lather. I actually prefer to wet my face and lather the powder directly on my face for the manual exfoliation. The cleanser has no scent which is great!

When I use drying cleansers, my hands literally squeak across my face when I wash off the lather. No such thing happens with this one and my skin really is left feeling soft and hydrated afterwards.

*Segway alert*
The cleanser does not do a good job of removing a full face of makeup. I know a lot of bloggers use the 'arm swatch' test to determine whether a cleanser can remove makeup, but I personally don't think this test is logical! A full face of makeup plus all the oil and dirt that builds up on your face is totally different from a bunch of swatches applied on a dry arm. So this is my way of testing the 'does this cleanser remove makeup?' claim.

1. I wash my grimy face at the end of the day with said cleanser, just once.
2. I cleanse again using my Olay Pro-X spinning brush and my HG Philosophy Purity cleanser.
3. I inspect the brush head for residual foundation stains.

In this case, the brush turned up a dirty grey-beige, hence my conclusion: this cleanser is not 'strong' enough to dissolve makeup adequately. Plus I looked like a panda.

On the other hand, this cleanser is my preferred one to use in the morning and can be used as a second cleanse at night time. I actually really enjoy it! Let me list all the pros! Hydrating, scentless, gentle, exfoliating, economical and lusciously lather-y. It is light in every sense of the word.

Unfortunately I can't tell you where to get it from because the product is so new, but do keep an eye out for it!

I'm pleased to announce my first venture into the realm of cleansing powders was a success! What do you guys think of them?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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