Vely Vely Magic Wand Lip & Eye Hybrid Concealer Review

Sunday, 21 February 2016

This month's package from Bntnews contained two Vely Vely items, a brand I was first introduced to last month with their Red Rouge lipstick. Sadly, that lipstick was a fail for me but I was intrigued with their other items because the website and photography is stunning and very reminiscent of Stylenanda 3CE in both price point and style. 

The Magic Wand Lip & Eye Hybrid Concealer is a dual-ended product with a stick concealer on one end and a liquid concealer on the other. I was excited to review this because my current favourite concealer is also dual ended and I get a lot of value from the product as it saves me time, space and money.

Liquid Eye Concealer 
Its Silicon Elastomer contains moisturizing ingredients effectively hide the sensitive eye wrinkles. It create a thin protecting film for a bright look, effectively hiding dark circles & eye wrinkles for a shining face.

Stick Lip Concealer 
It applies very smoothly with a silicon matte finish. It effectively hides the wrinkles & evens your skin tone. Your lipstick color will be plentifully expressed. 

The packaging is shaped just like a Toblerone chocolate! It's very unique and playful with the pastel pink colour and polka dots. The polka dots continue on the concealer packaging. 

I was quite dismayed to see that the concealer only comes in 1 shade- natural beige. Korean products are always geared towards a fair skin tone and I (and most of the rest of the world!) NEVER match one shade base products.

Here is a comparison to my favourite the Face Shop Dual Veil concealer. The packaging is pretty much the same besides the slanted lid and stickers. 

The liquid concealer has a watery and thin texture, but is highly pigmented. I really like this kind of texture in liquid concealers as they are easier to blend and a little goes a longer way as compared to thicker liquids. 

The stick concealer is drier than the Dual Veil and harder to blend, especially on my dry lips and skin. 

As you can see, the Vely Vely concealer is far light for me. The Face Shop product matches my current skin tone exactly. 

Here I used one layer of the liquid concealer on and below my eye area, blending it out with a regular flat top foundation brush. It works excellently and I don't mind my under eye area being too light as it just contributes to a more contoured look! It's super smooth and when set with powder does not cake or move anywhere. You can also see that the pores on my cheeks are minimised and my skin is hydrated. This is a great under eye concealer and I would purchase this on it's own. 

My lips are not made for lip concealers as they are so dry that they crack all the time, no matter how much balm or salve I slather on them. The lip concealer actually doesn't look as bad as I thought it would (I was prepared for the worst) as it's moderately hydrating and my top lip at least looks quite smooth and happy. That being said, the purpose of lip concealer is to even out your lip colour before lip tint/colour to achieve the perfect gradient lips. On me, my lips end up being paler than my skin tone, making me look sick and ghostly even when lip colour is applied on top.

Overall I would not use this as a lip concealer due to the shade. I haven't ever used a lip concealer before (I just use nude lipstick?) so I cannot really compare the texture with anything else, but it was more hydrating than I thought it would be?

I know the stick concealer does not claim to cover spots, but I tried it anyway to show you guys. It just made the spot look flaky and dry without covering any redness.

The formula and pigmentation of the liquid portion is excellent and I really like it! However, lip concealers are still confusing to me. Tell me, does anyone actually use them on a daily basis? I personally think the product would be much more useable if the stick concealer was made for covering spots/discolouration. 

Also, why aren't there more shades?!

All things considered, I can't recommend this product, especially as it costs $20.90 USD. I did see that Vely Vely sells a Wand Applicator liquid concealer on it's own for $18 which does come in 2 shades! If the formula is the same as the liquid concealer in the hybrid product, I would go for that instead!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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