How to save money when online shopping

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

These days, most of my shopping for clothes, beauty products and health supplements is done online. It's just cheaper and much more convenient, plus the thrill of the mailman coming in the morning is such a treat! As a new graduate who does not have a full-time job yet (because my last one in the beauty industry fell through, noooo), money is extremely tight. But here's a simple, but overlooked answer. 

Coupon codes. Every dollar saved is a win!

I live in Australia, so I have to check Australia specific coupon sites, to get the best deals. The site is super easy to navigate- you can simply scroll down to the bottom and see the most popular stores listed. Here are some of the stores I have personally bought from using coupon codes: A Nourished Life,, Beginning Boutique and

When you click on a site, it not only shows you all the coupon codes available, but also any sales. For example, Beginning Boutique is having a 20% off sale on all playsuits at the moment. Beginning Boutique is a super popular Australian clothing store for good reason! I love scrolling through the website because the photography is so clear. In fact, here are some pieces I want in my wardrobe (I think I went a bit too far with my minimalist kick to the point where I almost have no clothes left!). I adore shift dresses because they transition from Summer to Winter effortlessly- just add a jacket and scarf in Winter!

Another favourite of site of mine is A Nourished Life. This seller deals with all natural, vegan, gluten-free, organic cosmetics and skincare that can be terribly hard to find in stores. I am slowly turning towards trying to use natural, organic products in my life, such as fluoride-free toothpaste, organic coconut oil instead of olive oil and of course, more naturally derived makeup products. I have used Luk Beautifood's natural lipstick, foundation and powder by Lavera all from A Nourished Life. Here is what I'm currently eyeing:

This Lavera BB cream sold out in the US and Australia 24 hour after launching!

This 100% Pure (I know Cassie from CloudyApples uses this brand!) lipstick in Melon.

I hope this post helps out some of you students and thrifty souls out there! I mean, why not save if you can! 

How often do you guys use coupon codes? I know in the US lots of people clip coupons from newspapers? 

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