Klenspop Bunny Colour E22 Aqua Circle Lens Review

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I'm very excited to show you guys this circle lens review because they turned out to be THE perfect bright blue lenses for a couple of my upcoming cosplays! As always, these are from Klenspop, the cheapest and best circle lens store. I love the girls there and they treat me so well. 

Don't forget to enter code 'KINE KSGK1SV1' for 10% off!

These lenses cost $22 and last for 6 months.

Klenspop changed their packaging! I love the pop art design of the new boxes, it's so fun and very 'Kpop'.

This time when I poured out the solution from one of the bottles, I found that the lens was actually stuck to the bottom of the bottle! I tried to fill the case up with contact solution and shake it out gently but that didn't work. I ended up having to pull the lens off with tweezers! Thankfully it wasn't damaged in the process. This has never happened before!

The lenses are extremely bright and blue, just like Barbie eyes! They are a 'regular' circle lens, so are quite thick and stiff compared to my usual silicone hydrogels. I'm glad for the thickness though because they allow the lens to be super opaque. 

The limbal ring becomes more obvious when worn in the eyes, which I usually don't like because it looks so harsh and unnatural. But in this case, I'm going for that kind of look, so it's perfect. I love that my eyes look like they are 'glowing' like blue fire. The enlargement effect is large considering the diameter is only 14.3mm. Usually the lens in my right eye slips downwards and it's quite obvious, but as these lenses are so opaque, I actually can't tell and my eyes look even!

The blue really pops in my eyes and I'm so happy with the effect! The two cosplays that require me to have blue eyes are Cammy White from Street Fighter and Alex Benedetto from Gangsta.

Alex Benedetto

And behold! Here is my Cammy White cosplay! I even got a few compliments on these lenses when I posted these photos on my Facebook page. I think they really make the cosplay! 

I even wore this cosplay to latest Neko Nation (nerdy clubbing anyone?) and again, I was paranoid about the lenses being bothersome during the night so I brought a lens case and solution with me. I needn't have bothered- between the hardcore music and dancing like a loon, I didn't even think about my lenses! That being said, they will never as as comfortable as my usual silicone hydrogels and I am always aware of them in my eyes when I wear them in the day. 6 hours is definitely the upper limit with these. Overall, considering that these are definitely an 'occasion' lens, I give them a 7/10 for comfort.

Proof in the photo with Felix's Forge (who won best costume!) and Michael from Vestiige photography.

Overall, these lenses were perfect for my needs and delivered everything I wanted- intense colour, enlargement and enough comfort to last an event/photoshoot. If you need a blue lens for a special occasion, these are a very good bet.

Get the Bunny Colour E22 Aqua lenses here and use 'KINE KSGK1SV1' for 10% off!

*These lenses were gifted for review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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